11 Best Mobile Apps of Data Science to Consider in 2020

Big Data is the booming the technology of this time and in the future for sure. Companies will always invest to get detailed insights about the customers’ behavior, buying journey, preferences, purchasing mindset, and more. 

The key benefit that data delivers to businesses is, they can make the right decisions at the right time. They can strategize their efforts and investment, and focus on those aspects that drive profitability and increase the customer base for business. 

There are advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to track users’ activities and collect the data. But the data needs to be analyzed by data scientists or data analysts using different software. 

Usually, data scientists or data analysts prefer web-based or desktop-based software to get insights of different actions performed by users. This is not quite handy. Isn’t it? Leveraging end-to-end mobile app development services, you can build a feature-rich app that delivers accurate results to the data scientists.  

This post provides you outstanding mobile apps of data science to help data analysts and data scientists to perform their different jobs on the go just by downloading the app on their smartphones. 

11 Best Mobile Apps of Data Science

Apps for Statistics and Mathematics

1. Basic Statistics

Basic Statisctics

If you are a beginner of the data analytics/ data science you must consider this app. It allows analyzing data through different statistical measures such as data description, graphs, frequency distribution, hypothesis testing, probability, estimation, and so on. 

The app allows users to access basic equations at any time.

All the concepts are explained in detail and with practical examples so users can understand the concept easily. The app is available on the Google Play Store to download.

2. Probability Distribution

Probability Distribution

Once you are done with fundamental of statistics, you can consider this app. 

Users can undertake many of the probability functions in their Android devices. Before accessing the app, it is essential to have a knowledge of probability distribution such as binomial.

The app enables users with the compute probability mass function for hyper geometric, plot and Poisson to calculate log-normal distributions, Gaussian, chi-square, and more.

The Probability Distribution app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download.

3. Statistics and Sample Size

Statistics and Sample Size

It enables users with varied statistical metrics such as statistical analysis, statistical distribution table, sample size, and more. The app saves a lot of time of data scientists by calculating the massive data in a fraction of the second.

It allows users to perform basic as well as scientific statistics and download the CSV file.

Thus, it is a very useful data analytics tool to analyze the data and get profound insights based on accurate results. The Statistics and Sample Size app is available on the Google Play Store to download.

Apps for Programing

4. QPython


The app allows users to write and run the Python programming language in their smartphones. QPython is available on Google Play Store. It allows users to run Python tasks and content using any Android devices. 

It contains the Python editor, inspector, SL4A library, and other valuable libraries for the Android platform.

The app also permits to execute the Python documentation and code from QR codes.

5. Learn Python

Learn Python

Data scientists and data analysts do not need to rely on the machine to learn Python technology and write the code. With the learn Python app you can learn the technology using your mobile phone.

The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

It covers all the essential concepts of technology such as the basics of Python, control structures, data types, modules, and more.

The app also contains instructional exercises such as question-answer, jumbled puzzles, and true-false to improve the understanding of the users about the technology. 

6. Excel


The Excel mobile app is powered by Microsoft. It allows users to create, view, edit and share the spreadsheets quickly and easily.

Moreover, the app enables users with the visually rich presentation of the data by allowing create charts, graphs, and tables. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Data scientists and data analysts can insert the data in the spreadsheet and apply the different formulas to calculate and analyze the data using their smartphones.

They can use a pivot table, sorting, what-if analysis, filtering, and more. It helps a lot in extensive data analysis. 

Apps for Brain Training

7. Elevate


Elevate helps data scientists and data analysts to improve their intellectual skills by attending customized training programs.

The app contains different courses and users need to perform 3 practices per day. These practices are suggested based on previous performance. 

If the users perform poorly in a certain perspective, then the app suggests such activities more often so that the users can learn the subject in a better way. 

Well, the app is not available for free. You can download the app from Android and iOS platforms.

8. Lumosity


It is a customized brain training program and contains games too. The games help the users to strengthen their core reasoning ability. The app helps users to improve their mathematical, logical, writing and reading expertise. 

The app provides 3 exercises to sharpen the reasoning skills of the users. A few practices are available for free. To access all the exercises, users need to make the payment. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms for download. 

The customized training courses are quite interesting, addictive, and fascinating. Games take the users’ excitement to the next level and encourage them to learn about the subject more and more.

9. NeuroNation


If you want to improve your logical thinking, memory, and intelligence, then NeuroNation is the best app to install on your smartphone.

It contains approximately 60 programs and a different set of activities to engage users with varied programs.

It allows users to compete and give challenges to other participants. Users can monitor their own performance

. If you genuinely practice the exercise provided by NeuroNation, you will defiantly feel a considerable change in your brain capabilities. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Apps for Learning

10. DataCamp

DataCamp is the highly preferred app for data scientists and data analysts to learn about the SQL, R and Python programming languages.

Users can learn the fundamental of coding and get insights about how to import, analyze and visualize the data. 

The app delivers gamified experience to the users to keep them engaged with the courses. If you are a beginner of data science, you must install this app to improve your knowledge base.

DataCamp is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download. 

11. Coursera


Another best mobile app to learn about data science with all the concepts. It contains 2000+ courses that are developed by the leading institutes (universities & colleges) of data science.

It allows users to access courses related to various subjects such as data science, computer science, business, science, art, and more.

After the completion of a course, the users will get a certification too.

Coursera is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download. Install the app now to boost your skills and knowledge about data science. 

In the Nutshell

Many mobile apps for data science is available on the leading app stores. Still, the market requires advanced mobile apps with robust features and functionality are required to simplify the life of data experts.

Do you have any app idea in mind that helps data analysts to get the results just by using their smartphones? Connect with an Android and iPhone app development services company to transform your dream app into reality.

An experienced mobile app development company has proven experience to build an app that helps users to collect, analyze, and process the data, and provide the results to make the right decision at the right time.


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