12 Data Entry Projects Outsourcing Companies: Best List

Handling large volume of data input is a time-consuming process that involves a lot of administrative burdens. Fortunately, nowadays there is a long list of data entry project outsourcing companies that offer accurate and timely outsourced business data entry services and analysis.

Whether your business has tons of records to digitize and manually input, there are data entry services (such as offshore, online and offline data entry, image and document data entry) that can do it for you in an affordable and cost-effective manner.

Most of the companies work globally across US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, France, Germany. If you have a variety of data entry projects for outsourcing and outstaffing, you might be surprised how effective and cheap can be their support.

Data Entry Projects Outsourcing Companies

  • DataPlus

DataPlus offer accurate and cost-effectively data entry from any type of format – handwritten originals, scanned image and etc. Besides outsourced data entry services, they also provide database programming, data reporting, document scanning, data handling, and others.

  • Invensis Technologies

Invensis Technologies is one of the leaders in data entry outsourcing that works across the world in countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Ireland and others.

They are an offshore data entry company with data entry professionals, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy. With their data entry India team, you can achieve significant cost-savings and make your business data entry outsourcing very affordable.

  • ARDEM Incorporated

ARDEM Incorporated offers a full specter of data entry outsourcing services such as data entry from paper forms, from scan images, directly into your databases and etc. They work for US – all the 50 states.

You can outsource a part of your data entry projects or the complete data input process. Their data entry outsourcing services are used for keying data from surveys, data entry from customer sign-up forms, data entry from product registrations, data entry from health claim forms, and many many others.

  • Coleman Data

Coleman Data offers document management solutions and outsourced data entry services. They are one of the proven data entry projects outsourcing companies that work entirely from the USA with a long history (since 1988).

They work for a variety of industries such as marketing, healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, retailers, banking, publishing, and many many others. Your business data is secure as they are versed in regulatory issues that come with working with data, including HIPAA and PCI.

  • Saivion India

They offer a full cycle of data entry services such as data extraction services, data conversion and capturing, online and offline data entry, image, language-based data input and etc.

Some of the benefits of their services include: data security & integrity, minimal turnaround time, maintains quality for client’s satisfaction, authentic for end users and many others.

  • Team Data Entry

The company is capable to deal with a huge range of projects and to safeguard your business data. They accept all size of projects – no matter if they are too big or too small.

They accept several input sources like email, scanned images, web forms, fax, documents and etc. Among their outsourced data input services are: document data entry, form, online, offline data entry, book entry, data typing, data input from product sets to web system, image entry, PDF document indexing and etc.

  • Falcon Data Entry

This is one of the India-based and affordable data entry projects outsourcing companies that manage a high volume of data input tasks by converting all data into electronic format.

They combine single entry system and double entry approach to providing fast, affordable and accurate data entry services in both offline and online data entry. For example, some of their standard offline data input services are: collecting and entering data from any source like paper documents, PDFs etc; fetching data from scanned images; creating and updating database; form filling and processing and etc.

  • Acelerar Technologies

Acelerar is one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies in India and a global brand offering outsourcing solutions for clients from all over the world. Their experts with a wide high data entry skills make sure that there is no error in input process.

Their data entry team uses the latest data entry apps and software to offer high-quality data entry outsourcing services that include, but not limited to: online and offline data entry; eBook data entry; mailing list compilation; file conversion outsourcing; word formatting data cleansing outsourcing; forms processing; Microsoft excel outsourcing; product data entry outsourcing and etc.

  • OBP

OBP is based in Australia and provides some of the best data entry services using the latest technology and highly educated and experienced data entry professionals. The company offers affordable and cost-effective catalog data entry services such as product categorization, and online product information research for catalog development and others.

Their expert catalog data entry team ensures that text, images, maps, and symbols are entered accurately for the best results. Even if you are in a specialized business area, OBP possesses the resources to find a data entry professional with specialist industry knowledge to cover your needs.

  • Data Entry 101

DataEntry101 is among the one-stop offshore data entry projects outsourcing companies for various industries like real estate, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc. around the world. They are based in India and provide a wide range of data management solutions.

Among their services are: online and offline data entry, offshore data entry, image data entry, website data scraping, single and double key data entry and etc.

  • Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP

Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP offers timely and accurate offshore outsourced data entry services & data capture solutions to a variety of industries and businesses. Thier goal is to provide the highest degree of accuracy and speed at cost-effective rates.

They serve industries such as insurance, healthcare, banking and finance, media, marketing, travel, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics and etc.

  • Lake Data Center

This is among the famous USA based data entry projects outsourcing companies with over 23 years of experience. Over 70 professionally trained operators provide superb data accuracy.

Their accuracy of data entry and verification is 99.5%, and eliminate costly computer equipment and maintenance. In addition, the company has a large base of satisfied customers. They accept all sizes of data entry projects -no one is too large or too small.

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