5 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In B2B Marketing

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Artificial intelligence (AI) intends to make a computer imitate how the human mind reasons and functions.

In addition, AI can perform tasks such as learning, planning, and understanding human language.

Even though this technology hasn’t existed for too long (only slightly over a decade), its impact and adoption are steadily growing. AI is powered by machine learning (ML) that uses the concept behind the human brain: neural networks.

One of the areas that AI is taking by storm is marketing, which B2B businesses can leverage to create meaningful and engaging customer experiences.

With that said, if you want to take your B2B marketing campaigns to the next level, consider adopting the relevant AI technology that matches your marketing needs.

With AI marketing, you can get benefits such as predictive analysis, good website engagement, campaign optimization, and intelligent lead scoring.

If you’re a B2B business owner, here are some AI applications for your marketing campaigns:

1. Simplified Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing takes a great deal of manual effort. This ranges from creating highly engaging content to optimizing your copy for search engines.

Even though there are applications that’ll help you create content, AI is yet to perform the task of content creation.

However, with the advancement of AI in marketing, you can use this technology to increase the visibility and ranking of your content on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Suppose you don’t have in-house talent for SEO marketing.

In that case, you can partner with a local SEO agency for the best B2B SEO solutions such as keyword identification, backlink creation, keyword tagging, generation of competitor insights, and analysis of your market trends.

AI is believed to optimize these processes better compared to humans and deliver high-quality information. You can simplify such tasks through AI automation, improving productivity and saving time.

2. Personalized B2B Marketing

This is one of the most promising AI applications and an advantage you can get from deploying the technology in your B2B marketing campaigns. You can easily carry out a hyper-personalized marketing campaign with the help of AI.

A lot of customers tend to avoid opening certain emails for fear that they’re spammy or could be malicious content. However, AI-driven marketing can help you handle this challenge effectively.

After a client has interacted with your company for a while, they expect you to learn their preferences and interact with them from a knowledge perspective.

You can use AI to study your customers’ purchasing patterns and behavior to provide a bespoke consumer experience. You can craft highly personalized messages based on the information gathered to match your customers’ needs and desires.

Because of the customized customer engagement, you can get better responses from your clients after they receive your marketing messages. Apart from generating personalized text messages and emails, AI can produce targeted pop-up messages and adverts on different websites and landing pages.

In summary, AI can send modified emails and dynamic ads to your clients. In addition, it can adapt your website content to suit your visitors and ensure that your target audience receives what they prefer most.

3. Generating More And Better Quality Leads

Traditionally, marketers would go through customer data manually in search of leads. However, this tedious and cumbersome procedure is now phased out by AI.

You can turn to AI technology to obtain, classify, and review your data before doing targeted marketing. It’s easy to capture customer data through marketing campaigns or your business website.

However, that information might not be optimized to help you generate quality leads. Therefore, by looking into customer histories such as interests and demographics, you can conduct customer evaluation to find excellent leads for certain categories of products or services.

Automated AI can capture data from various channels such as socio media, websites, and contact databases. The information collected by AI for inward and outward marketing initiatives can seamlessly close the gap between your potential clients and the sales team.

Excellent integration of AI in the sales process has the potential to improve the quality and quantity of your business leads. Moreover, it reduces the number of person-hours that need to be invested in looking for quality leads. As a result, you can concentrate on other tasks, which ensures improved productivity.

4. Voice Search

Voice Search

Voice search is quickly taking center stage in B2B marketing today. But if you’re going to take advantage of it, you need to invest in conversational long-tail keywords.

The reason is that voice search leverages longer keywords and conversational language. Answers to queries are then provided by an intelligent virtual assistant powered by AI.

You should shift from the traditional methods of targeting keywords for optimization to new methods that involve accommodating long-tail keyword queries. See to it that you optimize your content with long-tail keywords that read conversationally and naturally.

5. Merging Offline And Online Customer Data

Your local customers may interact with your business both online and offline. One of the advantages that AI can bring is unifying the two modes of customer engagement to generate a 360-degree view of every client.

As a B2B marketer, you can use AI-powered campaigns, which might involve personalized emails.

In addition, AI can help you capture offline data by measuring customer intent data, which shows marketers the implicit meaning of your customers’ actions.

Apart from counting downloads and clicks, AI can help you know if a customer is ready to make a purchase. By bringing together your offline and online data through AI, you can have adequate knowledge concerning your customers and strategize how to reach them better.

Wrapping Up 

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer in the marketing industry. Menial work that people traditionally did can now be accomplished by AI technology with better precision than humans. As a result, you can use AI to think, learn, and execute processes for you.

B2B marketing has never been easier since the introduction of AI. If you want to take your B2B business to the next level, applying the strategies listed in this article may significantly improve your leads and boost your revenues.

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