How Do Artificial Intelligence Applications Help in Small Business?

Quick Summary: In the rapidly growing technology sector, where the use of AI and ML-based applications in every business is increasing, we’re going to know AI is beneficial for small businesses and what are the benefits offered by artificial intelligence.

So let’s start!

Table Of Content

1. Introduction

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?

2. How AI and Machine Learning Applications Helps Crucial for Small Businesses?

  • Improve Sales And Marketing Using AI-Infused CRM
  • Revolutionize human resources
  • Automatic Customer Communication
  • Logistics
  • Obtain Competitive Intelligence

3. Wrapping Up


The 21st century has come up with numerous incredible technologies that we once dreamt about in old sci-fi epics.

Artificial Intelligence has gained trust with time and big names such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates have become their supporters.

ML and artificial intelligence are proving to be some of the most disruptive technologies of all. It was introduced to support humans and reduce their efforts that deliver results according to their desires.

It was initially expensive, but now it has become affordable for small businesses as well.

According to a survey generated by CEOs from small and medium-sized organizations, more than 25% of CEOs have spoken positively about artificial intelligence technology and the benefits offered to businesses.

In this blog, we’re going to learn How AI-based applications help small businesses and the importance of artificial intelligence. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines and displayed by humans and animals which includes a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with creating smart devices that are capable of performing tasks related to human intelligence.

One of the most popular AI-based applications is the Google search engine.

A recent survey conducted by the Global consumer revealed that only 33% of customers think they use AI-based devices, while more than 70% of customers are actually using AI technology.

Now let’s directly know How AI applications help small business and why it is important for them to develop AI-based apps:

How AI and Machine Learning Applications Helps Crucial for Small Businesses?

1. Improve Sales And Marketing Using AI-Infused CRM

AI-based applications help small businesses and startups to gather customer data across various communication channels such as phone and email and also automate the sales process.

Salesforce platforms have also started implementing artificial intelligence that helps them to analyze customer feedback and adjust marketing generation activities based on that information.

AI-inspired Customer-relationship management systems not only help to increase lead generation but also allow small businesses to acquire sales relevant insights and optimize the entire customer acquisition process.   

2. Revolutionize human resource tasks

AI is slowly creeping in human resources to do activities like employee interaction or candidate screening that directly affect a company’s bottom line in the way sales and marketing do.

Tools used by artificial intelligence help your applications to run quickly and improve performance also. But hiring requires a huge investment that may affect your bottom line.

Talla is a chatbot that streamlines the interview process by offering a set of queries based on the criteria of the role during the screening process.

These questions can also be used as an FAQ knowledge base or any other relevant company information that brings a new team member on board.

From all the prominent benefits of artificial intelligence for small businesses, it also helps to streamline the entire employee hiring process and also improve the HR functions by taking employee feedback.

Using the AI-based applicant tool, you can rescue the hiring time and cost by selecting the candidates that are well-suited for the job.

3. Automate Customer Communication

Service and product-based small businesses both have started using chatbots on their websites to initiate consumer interaction and customer rep that works for you 24/7 even when you sleep.

Many startups and small businesses don’t have consumer service or sales teams yet. So in that case, AI-based chatbots allow you to focus your time on the tasks that matter the most.

Using automatic chatbots that work 24/7, businesses are elevating their consumer service without hiring dedicated consumer support group members.

For instance, an AI-based answer bot helps you to resolve more than 25% of the consumer queries received by any company.

4. Logistics

Logistics is a small retail field that businesses deal with. Implementing artificial intelligence is becoming more accurate to deliver goods without any human efforts.

The supply chain always stays focused on the data and the AI-based algorithms on the insights coming from the data. Every success of eCommerce depends on logistics as the products are delivered to the customers at their doorstep.

Here is one such example, warehouse management is concerned with the business that AI has given it a new meaning today.

It allows you to focus on predicting the points strategically and eliminate the channel to keep it smooth and simple.

5. Obtain Competitive Intelligence

AI has the ability to quickly and easily analyze every bit of digital information that your competitor produces from video and written content to social media posts.

There are various tools that allow you to keep tabs on everything your competitors do online and collect the data into easy-to-read reports.

For instance, competitor analysis tools use AI to track your competitors via digital channels and gather a variety of data such as slight adjustments in their marketing languages that could affect your business and improve a facet of your daily processes.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence and ML support humans by helping them to reduce manual work and enhance work productivity.

It helps startups and small businesses to give a competitive edge in the marketplace and track every activity of their competitors to strategize steps related to marketing.

There are various machine learning and AI tools that can be helpful to small businesses to embrace the influence brought by modern technologies. Similarly, it also helps in marketing.

We hope this blog is helpful to you and if you’re a startup then you have now understood the importance of artificial intelligence in your business. 

So, if you’re planning to implement AI-based applications in your business and increase sales then search for a top-notch web development company and web development framework that offers out-of-the-services and offers a dedicated team of developers.

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