Essential Tips And Tools For B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an essential part of businesses today. It does not matter the type and size of your business, having a social media account dedicated to your brand is always a good idea.

However, social media marketing is not just about posting or sharing updates daily. There is more to it.

In this article, we will discuss the most important tips required for B2B social media marketing that you can utilize to mark a difference.

Let’s get started.

What is B2B Social Media Marketing?

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B2B stands for Business-to-Business and B2B social media marketing means using social platforms to market the products and services, thereby letting the products reach the potential business clients and prospects.

B2B marketers have to strategize their plan more carefully as they play a major part in shaping the purchasing decision of the consumers. The more focused the social media plan is, the more is the chance to close the deal.

Importance Of Social Media Marketing For B2B Companies

Social Media

Social media being a critical part of business promotion activities has its own share of advantages for the B2B. Have a look:

  1. Businesses can use social media to reach their customers in a more personalized way.
  2. Social media can be used to target new and relevant audiences for any product or service.
  3. More people can come to know about your brand at the same time.
  4. Social media can improve lead generation activities by nurturing sales better.
  5. B2B companies can plan their strategy effectively by listening to what people have to say about their brand on social media.

Important Tips For B2B Social Media Marketing

Mobile and Social Media

Social media is all about experimenting. Though knowing some tips can definitely help:

Post Consistently

A great way to fight with the Instagram algorithm is to share your content consistently. This helps you appear in the feed more frequently making your account more visible to the audience.

By posting regularly, you are leaving an impression on your audience’s mind wanting them to have more of your brand. Tag other accounts in your post.

This is a great way to let people know that you exist. But you must keep in mind that creating valuable content is of utmost importance.

Focus On Brand Identity

Brand Identity Image

When there are 1000s of accounts providing the same services, why would people come to you? Well, this is why brand identity is important. As a B2B, you must have something that drives you differently from others.

It can be your account’s theme, the format of posting, anything that when people see would automatically remind them of you.

The other thing that you can do is to post content with which people can relate. Don’t just limit yourself to sharing content about your services only. 

Align Goals With The Business Objective

Goal - Target

Your B2B social media plan should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the objectives of your business?
  • How will B2B social media marketing help you achieve these objectives?

This is where B2B content marketers need to follow certain goals:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Building credibility and trust
  • Educating the audiences

These goals are extremely important for nurturing leads and therefore B2B marketers are more focused on using content marketing for the same. 

Get To Know Your Audience


Knowing your audience is an important aspect of B2B social media marketing. If you have a clear idea of your audience’s likes and dislikes, you can easily use this information in your social media marketing plan.

Your focus then should be to create posts that your audience would be interested in and would revert to.

This way people will find more reasons to engage with your posts and would likely favor you more when making the purchasing decision.

Use The Right Social Media Platform

Media Platform

There are many social media platforms out there but choosing the one that suits your business’s requirements is what matters. Your business should be on the platform where your potential audience is. 

Check various social media demographics. Look where people are spending most of their time and then create strategies based on the platform.

However, most of the B2B marketers claimed LinkedIn to be their ideal platform since it’s a great place to find relevant clients and customers. 

Find Ways To Keep Your Users Engaged

Magnet for Social Media

Upon identifying your ideal social media platform, your next step should be to keep your users engaged throughout.

Adopt different formats of content, experiment with the posting method, take the help of stories to keep your users busy, thereby not leaving their minds.

You can create polls, quizzes, fun activities, etc., to achieve the same.

Remember that social media is all about building relationships that lead to sales in the long term. Only if your content is engaging enough, people will keep on following you in the long run. 

Track Your Progress

Tracking Progress

Almost all B2B marketers keep a track of their content performance as this is important to plan their next move.

Look for customers reviews and ratings, engagement rate, conversions, impressions, response time, sales, and more to understand how people are reacting to your content.

Create your strategies based on the posts that performed well. Remember, keeping a track of the content is important since it helps you to understand your audience’s interests better and this information can be used greatly to achieve your business goals.

6 Best B2B Social Media Tools

Take help of the following social media marketing tools to enhance your brand’s success:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you the full picture of your B2B social media efforts. It helps you know where your visitors came from and where they would go after leaving your site. This information can be used to plan strategy accordingly.

UTM Parameters


Put code to work for you. Track the links you share by adding UTM parameters. These snippets work in tandem with the analytics program to provide deeper details on your traffic sources.



Hootsuite is a combination of social media analytics and web analytics tools. Hootsuite can be used to manage multiple accounts from a single place. You can track customer queries and assign messages to the right person for responding to the same.

The Hootsuite dashboard gives you an easy idea of how well your social media accounts are performing.



Salesforce can be integrated with Hootsuite to incorporate social insights into prospects and customer profiles. This can be used to build a stronger relationship with the potential purchasers.



Brandwatch gives you the complete information of the entire online conversation going on. You can check the comments, mentions, customer sentiments, and others to prepare your business decisions accordingly. 



B2B customers are of high value so they need to be offered customer service options that are of equal importance.

Sparkcentral lets you manage customer service through social accounts, live chats, WhatsApp, and SMS, all from a single place. This helps you have a full context of your client’s information when they contact you.

When your response timing is faster, customers will keep on coming to you for contract renewal and up-gradation of their plan.


B2B social media marketing is all about keeping the audience hooked toward your business. It’s a continuous and time-consuming process but with the help of the above-mentioned tips and tools, we hope you won’t have to struggle more.

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