21 Brand Positioning Strategies: Examples Of Brilliant Differentiation

In our digital era, you have the greatest choice ever of different and effective types of brand positioning strategies for gaining competitive advantages.

The world-famous brand positioning examples show that brand differentiation is a great force that can drive tremendous business success.

From luxury and crafting brand differentiation to niche and international marketing brand repositioning strategy, you have many examples to learn from.

The strong branding creates strong trust and makes it easier for people to choose you instead of the competitor.

On this page:

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Let’s define it.

Brand positioning is the special place that your brand has in the mind of your target audience. In other words, it shows how your brand is different from the competitors and what unique impression it has in customers’ minds.

Brand positioning is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that set you apart from competitors and helps you communicate the value of your products.

The idea is to win and “own” a market share for a brand, using various tools and strategies such as promotions, distribution, packaging, unique social media presence, content marketing, end, etc.

Let’s see a list of 21 great, unique, modern, and advanced brand positioning strategies to help you grow your business.

1. Provide Legendary Customer Service

Tips For Legendary Customer Service - infographic

Outstanding customer care is one of the most powerful examples of competitive advantage. Customers today are more likely than ever to require a great service.

The possibility to create exceptional and memorable customer service is available to almost any business if it truly cares about their customers’ experience.

Legendary service is achieved when a company serves the customers so well that they want and need to repeat the experience.


The online shoe retailer Zappos is delivering one of the best and memorable service experience. They respond to customer emails at an unbelievably fast speed.

They don’t argue about returns and even shop at other stores for customers when they want something particular that is not in Zappos stock.

2. Break A Myth With Your Product/Service

Making products or services that break a well-established myth can make your brand one of the most memorable ones.

We believe strongly in myths and stereotypes. They express our feelings, beliefs, views, fears, etc. If you can break a stigma or myth, you will break barriers in people’s mindset, change perspectives, and inspire actions.

This is a great way of creating remarkable brand positioning and awareness.

Try to create products that not only can break a myth but can extend your customer expectations and can bring them a tremendous and even unexpected value.


Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have broken the stated myth that electric vehicles need to be slow cars with unpleasant design.

Moreover, they have proved that electric cars can look absolutely gorgeous. And in the electric sports car market, they still don’t have any serious competition.

3. Make Craftsmanship Your Strategy

Craftsmanship still matters in our high-technology world and become to gain sustainable power. Why?

Now, it seems like everything we purchase is mass-produced.

Thereby, people are hungry for craft or something truly unique. Faster isn’t always better. Customers are starving for authentic products such as organic foods, handmade goods, or celebrating artistry.


Harley-Davidson (motorcycles) is one of the most popular examples of how a craftsmanship strategy work as providing an exceptional and sustainable competitive advantage and branding.

4. Focus On Human-To-Human Interaction

4 tips To Make Your Business More Personable - infographic

We live in a revolutionary ages where people are more connected to technology than ever before. Moreover, we depend on technology.

This has made companies to rethink their marketing approach.

Businesses are searching for the best ways to connect with consumers on each possible device or social media platform. However, what is most important here is to make those consumers actually feel connected to your business in the human matter.

As opposed to the Technology Era, the Human Era stimulates companies to offer personal experience and to place people in the center of their business.

Thus, businesses can gain a strong competitive advantage and position their brand as a human-to-human oriented.


Drift (a conversational marketing platform) puts human interactions at the heart of their business.

As opposed to other comparable software tools that are concentrated on automation, Drift focuses on the human-to-human interactions of sales.

Drift’s brand is based on the belief that human interaction is the most vital part of the sales. Drift truly partner with customers to ensure their success.

5. Be Unique

The trick of brand positioning is not being first — it’s being unique as well as hard to copy.

If you can’t be unique, there’s no reason for customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

To be unique you should find a way to be different and even much better than everyone else. Don’t offer a cliche.


Tesla Motors is unique because it is not just selling cars but also offers new technologies.

Tesla creates and dominates the market for luxury, long-range electric automobiles.

However, this market is different from the market for less expensive electric vehicles as well as from the market for luxury gas-powered vehicles. It is a unique proposal.

6. Provide Simplicity

In our noisy and dynamic life, people are desperate for automated and super simple products that require very little attention.

Making simple products that make the customer’s life easier is one of the modern brand positionings strategies that work effectively.

Today, less is more. Simple products or processes save people time, efforts, and nerves.


Google’s search engine, Apple’s white earbuds, and WhatsApp messenger are just a few of the products that provide great and world-famous simplicity.

7. Create Valuable Blog That Empowers Your Audience

Tips to create a sucessful blog - infographic

Blogging is and will remain, an essential tool to reach your audience and attract more attention to your brand.

People trust blogs. Think about your blog as a human angle of your business. Your blog should be a place where your audience finds ways of resolving their issues and concerns.

If you are consistently creating valuable blog posts, it’ll help establish you as an authority and an expert in the industry.


Zing by Quicken Loans is a suburb blog that provides in-depth articles on different financial topics. It is not just aggregation of information you see elsewhere.

Zing shows that they are experts in the industry and create a trust for their brand among current and potential readers.

8. Help People See Their Self-worth 

Don’t just sell to people. Don’t just talk about what you are doing. Don’t only show your advantages, but help people see their self-worth.

We, all humans have fears and often experience self-criticism, unconfidence, nerve, or modesty.

Dedicate your business to empowering customers to feel confident in themselves. Then you can create strong brand loyalty and even make customers see themselves in your brand identity.

There are many self-esteem contributors such as financial autonomy, freedom of thought, social connections, etc.


Dove has done a notable job with branding themselves as focused on helping women see their self-worth instead of just selling soap.

Dove encourages woman to embrace their looks instead of criticizing themselves. And this strategy works. It gives customers a sense of confidence, which they link to the brand, creating a powerful brand connection.

9. Offer Remarkable Speed

Technology speeds almost everything in our lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are addicted to instant gratification.

The instant-gratification culture is here and it rises at a fast pace. So, you can use it to build your strong brand positioning strategy.

You can provide different types of speed such as speedy delivery of products or speedy customer service by phone. You just need to do something faster than the competition.


Amazon Prime, UberEATS, and Jimmy John’s are just a few examples of businesses that create great brand positioning by making the speed their major priority.

10. Ensure Reliability

People always need and seek for reliability. The things we like most are the reliable ones.

Every day we demand reliable cars, reliable cell phone, reliable restaurants, and etc.

The consequences of dealing with unreliable companies are terrible for customers as well as for businesses. They cost both parties time, money, stress, and frustration.


Toyota and Lexus are so popular for their reliability that they go on a kind of another realm compared to the competition.

11. Bet On Creativity

tips to boost creativity in your organization - infographic

If you want to keep your business growth, creativity is vital for you. Customers are always on demand for improved or new modern products. And providing these products requires creativity.

Having a creativity-oriented company culture that helps your employee broaden mental horizons can be one of the most successful brand positioning strategies.


Apple is like a synonym of creativity. It’s a brand that motivates others to “Think Different” and its results are spectacular.

12. Go Green

Running an environmentally friendly business can help the environment in many ways. For example, helps preserves natural resources and reduce your impact on them.

Today, customers are becoming more and more passionate about protecting the planet. A going green business strategy shows customers you don’t put profits ahead of the environment.


On its website, The Body Shop clearly identifies its values. They are against animal testing; defend human rights; protect the planet, and The Body Shop lives up to these values.

13. Offer Unmatchable Guarantee

Offering memorable guarantees is one of the strongest brand positioning strategies.

The guarantee means that purchasing your product doesn’t bring risks to your customers. Avoiding regrets is all we people need.

Also, a guarantee shows you are confident enough in your product and you truly care about the customer’s satisfaction.


Cutco sells high-priced cutlery with a remarkable guarantee – “Forever Guarantee”. It means by buying a set of knives today, customers can save a great amount of money by never needing to buy another. This is a really impressive guarantee.

14. Use Your Audience’ Emotions As A Basis For Your Branding

Humans make decisions driven by their emotions. And today, emotions are stronger than ever.

Creating emotional branding shows you care about customers and that you truly understand how they feel.

Moreover, it can help you create deep relationships with your audience. And this is something your competitor can hardly beat.

Examples of powerful emotional motivators that make people buy are: a sense of well-being, a sense of self-confidence, a sense of freedom, being up-to-date, avoiding risks, and etc.


A strong example of great differentiation strategy based on humans’ emotions is Coca-Cola branding. Coca-Cola is successfully positioning its products as happy, meaning that they bring joy, harmony, etc.

15. Be Honest

Yes, it is unusual to look at honesty in terms of brand differentiation advantage. But it works and it works great today.

The most important thing that consumers want from brands is honesty! Businesses who remain honest soon or later are rewarded for it.

Being honest means being open about your strengths as wells as your weaknesses. Honesty creates trust and shows you truly care about your customers.


NPR (an independent, nonprofit media organization) shows how an honest company can create trust.

At the end of most programs, NPR shares listener feedback on past shows. Along with the glowing reviews, NPR also shares customer outrage and disappointment.

16. Create Innovations

Tips to innovate - infographic

Nowadays, creating and offering innovations is one of the most sustainable business growth strategies because customers require new products with super features and capabilities.

Innovations are just critical to success!


Among the best world-famous examples of companies that never stop innovating are: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Tesla, Nike, P&G, Hewlett Packard, Alibaba to name a few.

17. Attract And Retain Talents (Top Talent Branding)

There’s one thing that all the top companies in every industry have: talent.

The best companies have the best employees. Thereby, those companies can deliver the best products and services.


SAS talent management strategy is breathtaking with outstanding results. They have been on 60 Minutes for excellent employee practices more times than any other company.

Boston Consulting Group is another example of companies with top talent brands. They concentrate on maintaining a working environment where employees can develop rapidly.

BCG offers people many unusual perks. In addition to career mobility and work flexibility, they also are tracking and preventing too long working of their employees.

18. Create Compelling Brand Storytelling

We all love listening to stories as they are based on our emotions. So, a brand story has the ability to connect you with customers on an emotional level.

Nowadays, you can tell your story via a wide range of marketing channels – social media, case studies, blog, etc.

You just need to implement the magic of storytelling into your marketing campaigns. However, to be successful, your brand story must be authentic, not a sales pitch.


The world-famous Johnnie Walker’s tagline “Keep walking” is based on a story that dates back to 1819 when John was a young boy working at a farm.

19. Offer Irresistible Promotions

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… Nothing!”
~P.T. Barnum

Who doesn’t love a great deal?

Running attractive promotions and marketing campaigns are an ideal way to promote your brand and achieve great brand recognition.

Promotional offers increase the chances of choosing your brand over your competitors. They ensure high interest and drive customers to your business.

Moreover, they can guarantee customer loyalty and provide the customers with a genuine reason to keep doing business with you.


Ript Apparel has a Daily Deals section on their website placed on a very obvious position. Each day, they show three new products at a reduced price.

They provide a sale each day. This motivates customers to keep coming back to the site to pick up their great deal.

20. Change the Game! Be The First

Being the first involves offering products that people have never heard before.

It means you have to provide new valuable and beneficial products that improve people’s lives in a way never seen before.

Being the first to market is one of the most powerful brand positioning strategies that can gain a tremendous competitive advantage and ensure customer loyalty.

Typically, the first movers have established significant market share with a solid customer base.


Uber is a great example. The rideshare app category didn’t exist until Uber created it.

One more example – Amazon created the first online bookstore, which has an outstanding success. Amazon had achieved amazing brand awareness across the world. In Forbes’s “The World’s Most Innovative Companies“, Amazon ranked fifth.

21. Offer Products That Help People Do Their Best

This brand positioning strategy focuses on performance and the way you can empower customers to do their best.

Many want to improve their performance in different areas – such as career, style, parenting, business, cooking, sport, etc.

Help them do it. Show your target audience you can provide products or services that expand human potential.


Nike has a proven focus on performance and innovation. They invented the waffle shoe and create branding that targets serious athletes. Nike offers more than shoes, providing athletic attire that improves performance.

Download the following infographic in PDF

brand positioning strategies - infographic


The strongest brand positioning strategies make all the difference when competing in a market.

However, before choosing your path to grow, you need to perform a deep competitive market research to find out what is working for other businesses in your industry. Today, it is easy to research competitors.

You can use a wide variety of web competitive intelligence tools, ways to collect data as well as some best free online competitor analysis tools.

More than ever before, consumers have an enormous choice of brands to choose from.

A unique brand positioning strategy is what can win and keep your target audience’s attention and help you grow your business.

What sets you apart from the competition? The biggest names in any industry such as Coca-Cola and Amazon have one thing in common: a successful brand.

Much than a tagline, brand positioning is the power that can help you stand out in the crowd and make you shine.

What are your favorite brand positioning strategies or examples? Share your thoughts with us.

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