20 Marketing Intelligence Tools: Free and Paid

Over the past few years, some online marketing intelligence software tools and techniques have become marketer’s best friends for finding new opportunities and improving the overall business strategy.

There is a list of competitive intelligence tools that allow you tracking and monitoring many aspects of your competition. These aspects might include your competitor’s website traffic and keywords, social media mentions, reviews, web rankings, backlinks, content, posts, site changes, email strategy, technology, traffic sources, and etc.

On this page, we collected some of the best free and premium marketing intelligence tools and programs you can start using right now.

1. Crayon Intel Free – monitor competitors content and design changes

Crayon - market intelligence platform print screen

Crayon is a comprehensive market intelligence platform that helps businesses track and analyze competitor’s activities. Crayon Intel Free allows you to get a sample of competitive intelligence on companies, including their blog posts and video content. You receive daily email digests.

Moreover, this software tool allows you to assemble a collection of your toughest competitors or favorite brands. You can track any number of companies.

Price: Crayon Intel Free is completely free to use. The company also offers Crayon Intel Pro that is a paid option but it is one of the greatest market and competitive intelligence tools with powerful analysis.

2. Follow – competitor monitoring

Follow - competitor monitoring software screen shot

Follow allows you to get insights on any website you want. Over 30000 people use it to gain valuable competitive insights which help them make better business decisions.

Follow lets you see a high-level overview of any site including traffic estimates, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, demographics, and etc.

They combine multiple sources to bring you a very comprehensive and high-level overview of any site’s marketing data.

Price: Free Plan and 3 Premium Monthly Subscription Plans

3. SimilarWeb.com – competitor traffic

SimilarWeb.com - competitor monitoring software tool - screen shot

SimilarWeb.com is one of the top marketing intelligence tools when it comes to monitoring competitors website traffic.

With this tool, you can: benchmark against your competitors and industry; reveal your competition’s analytics and online strategy; discover new partners, leads or affiliates; identify trends; understand consumer intent and journey.

SimilarWeb is very easy to use software solution. It gains insight into any website’s statistics with the click of a button.

Price: Free and Premium Package

4. Quantcast Measure –  competitor traffic

Quantcast Measure -  competitor intelligence software screen shot

Quantcast software platform is one of the biggest players in the world of marketing intelligence and data mining. Quantcast provides a full audience demographic and geographic profiles for your website as well as your competition’s.

It gives you details such interests, shopping habits, brand preferences and more. You can see the audience gender, number of children, age, education, and etc.

Quantcast is a powerful software engine for brand marketers, publishers, and business owners to make smarter data-driven decisions.

Price: Quantcast Measure is free. Quantcast Measure Enterprise is a premium solution.

5. SiteAlerts –  competitor traffic

SiteAlerts -  competitormonitoring software screen shot

This tool gives you instant insights on any website you want. It answers questions such as “How much traffic do they get?”, “Where does it come from?” “What tools do they use?” and many others.

You can easily track things like marketing stats, traffic sources, social media stats, funding rounds, press mentions.

And SiteAlerts also let you see which technologies your competitors use (particularly SaaS products).

Price: Free and premium monthly subscription.

6. Fanpage Karma – social media intelligence

Fanpage Karma - social media intelligence screen shot

With Fanpage Karma, you not only analyze your profiles and those of the competition but also you are able to manage all your customer conversations in one tool.

Fanpage Karma can analyze your and your competitors’ presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even Pinterest. The social monitoring is always on alert for you – keeping you up to date with what is happening on Twitter and Google+ while also keeping an eye on the competition.

Their free plan provides you with detailed analysis for 1 fan page, basic dashboard, weekly reports and alerts for 90 day analysis period.

Price: free and paid plans.

7. Klear – influencer-identification and analytics dashboard

Klear provides a comprehensive influencer-identification and an analytics dashboard software platform. With 500 million profiles, 60k categories and 5 years worth of historical data, Klear is one of the most sophisticated influencer search engines and competitive intelligence tools out there.

Klear allows you to build, manage and measure your influencer program, with a user-friendly CRM system that was designed for influencer marketing.

Furthermore, you can see a performance report for real-time tracking for mentions, engagements, true reach, and $ ROI.

Price: Free and premium plans.

8. SocialRank social media intelligence

SocialRank - social media intelligence software

SocialRank is one of the greatest marketing intelligence tools that provide you with an easy way to identify, organize, and manage your audience on Twitter and Instagram.

Once you log into SocialRank, you can segment the audience by various sorting, and filtering options.

Once you find people with SocialRank, you can create custom lists, export the data to CSV/PDF, and run campaigns. After using SocialRank to find the right people, you can take action by Direct Messaging, Exporting to CSV, Exporting to PDF, Building Lists, Saving Searches and more.

Price: Free and premium

9. Visualping – monitoring competitors’ changes

Visualping - print screen

Visualping is a very easy-to-use and convenient tool to monitor website changes. All you need to do is select the area you want to track and it notifies you when a change happens.

This tool allows you to monitor changes on your competitor’s home page, pricing, product descriptions or images, promos, and new content. You can also track changes in their social media profiles and new posts, career announcements, or any other important information you want to keep an eye on.

What differentiates this marketing intelligence software from the others is that it detects visual and text changes and sends you an email alert every time there is a change that is important for you. So you don’t need to check your competitors’ websites manually, and it keeps you always in the know.

Price: Free and paid plans.

10. Custodee – tracking competitor site changes

Custodee - software for tracking competitor site changes

Custodee offers individual website monitoring and competitor tracking. You can use this tool to get notifications about availability, prices and content changes of competitors and their products.

This tool helps you to increase AdWords conversions, perform SEO tracking with screenshots, increase sales when competitors raise prices, and to analyze web content.

Price: Paid plans starting at 10 dollars per month.

11. Pagescreen – website monitoring and screenshot automation

Pagescreen - website monitoring and screenshot automation software

Pagescreen is a very simple platform to capture and archive visual copies of different web pages.

With its screenshot automation and change detection technologies, it is a piece of cake to monitor your competitors’ websites, to build and collect intelligence.

Pagescreen facilitates the monitoring of any website.

Price: Free and Pro.

12. Competitor.email – competitors email analysis

Competitor.email - competitors email analysis

If you want to uncover your competitor email marketing strategy, Competitor.email can be your solution. It is an email marketing intelligence tool that allows you to view, track, analyze, and report on your competitors’ email marketing communications.

Competitor.email is a software platform that lets you gain invaluable insight into your competitors’ eCRM strategy.

With several clicks, you’re able to discover, compare and understand your rivals email marketing efforts.

Finally, Mailody lets you compare your email data vs your competitors.

Price: 2 levels of pricing, depending on your priorities and needs.

13. Datanyze Insider – reveals the competitor’s technology

Datanyze Insider - reveals the competitor's technology

Datanyze Insider instantly reveals high-level information about the website you’re browsing and the company that powers it. It let you see data points like employees, revenue, and current technology providers. You also can visit the company’s social pages right from the window.

Moreover, the tool list builder allows you to add new contacts to Salesforce or a Datanyze list in one click.

In addition, it allows you to export the contacts to a CRM, spreadsheet or other sales automation tool to fastly turn them into a targeted outbound campaign. And more importantly, you can identify the technology choices your competitors use.

Price: Free

14. Whatruns – reveals the competitor’s technology

Whatruns - software thta reveals the competitor's technology

This is a free but powerful browser extension that helps you identify technologies used on any website. One of the most simple competitive intelligence tools.

WhatRuns shows you everything that powers a website. Are you wondering, what web apps your competitors pay for? Which CDN they’re hosted on? How they track their visitors? WhatRuns is one of those competitive intelligence tools that answers all of these questions and even much more.

Also, this app keeps you updated with the pace by letting you know when a website starts or stop using technology.

Price: Free

15. Determ

Determ Tool Screenshot

Determ is a media monitoring and social listening tool that tracks online mentions from more than 100 million online sources, including social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in real time.

With its powerful data insights it helps businesses in areas like brand reputation, crisis management, competitor analysis and consumer behavior, and ultimately, it drives better business decisions.

Price: see more here

16. Social Mention – competitors mentions

Social Mention - software for monitoring competitors mentions

Social Mention is a popular free social media search and analysis platform. It aggregates user-generated content from across the world into a single stream of information.

This competitive intelligence tool allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you or your competitor, about a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape.

Social Mention works in real-time and monitors 100+ social media properties including Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google and etc.

Price: Free

17. Octoparse – web scraping

Octoparse - web scraping software tool - screen shot

Octoparse goes further than a competitive intelligence tool. It is one of the best web crawlers that quickly scrape web data. You can extract all website data with a simple point and click and then download extracted data as CSV, Excel, API or save it to databases.

Anyone can do it and no programming is needed at all. You just need to open the webpage of your choice in Octoparse’s built-in browser, then click around to select the data you need to capture – that’s how easy it is.

Octoparse is a great crawler to turn any competitor’s web page unstructured data into structured data instantly.

Price: Free and premium plans.

18. Rank Signals – competitor’s backlinks and traffic sources 

Rank Signals - software for monitoring competitor's backlinks and traffic sources 

Rank Signals is a backlink checker tool and SEO software to easily uncover SEO backlinks and traffic sources of your competitors.

Finding and identifying your competitors best links is one of the most effective link building strategies you can use. Rank Signals builds a solid foundation for your link building strategy.

In addition, the tool shows social media metrics across major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Price: Free

19. iSpionage – uncovering competitors conversion strategy

iSpionage - software tool for uncovering competitors conversion strategy

iSpionage is a marketing intelligence tool that allows you to easily steal your competitors’ traffic and uncover their conversion strategy.

iSpionage is a quite valuable tool because it lets you find profitable keywords faster with competitors PPC keyword list, find out how much your competitor spends per month on Adwords, download competitor’s SEO keywords list, and more.

This a software solution that helps you to increase conversion rates, generate more leads and drive targeted traffic.

Price: Premium plans

20. Moat – competitors ad creative

Moat - competitors ad creative

Moat is one of the top digital-ad search engines. It displays ads used by companies across the web.

MOAT is a great free tool that allows you to view not only the ad unit but also many other details such as what website it appeared on, what are the dimensions of the ad, file size and file type and etc.

Simply type in the company name and see the ads that they’ve used in the past.

Price: Free and premium plans


We all operate in a highly competitive business world.

Monitoring and analyzing your competitors’ behavior aren’t just a good choice. It is an absolutely crucial part of your overall marketing and business growth strategy.

Nowadays, there is a good range of free and paid marketing and competitive intelligence tools that make it easy to spy your competitors on a daily basis.

They are able to provide a comprehensive and deep understanding of where you and your competitors stand.

Using marketing intelligence tools in this post can give you a unique advantage. But don’t just pick one of them. Get multiple data sources to see the big picture.

What are your favorite competitive intelligence tools? Share your thoughts in the field below.

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