7 Corporate Innovation Tricks That Make Sense

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What do you think sounds best for your company—is it completing spreadsheets and reports eight hours a day or brainstorming new, fulfilling, and exciting ideas?

Have you noticed how boring it is to work routinely doing the same thing every day?

Innovation is the heart and soul of every company, and it helps the company stay on top of its game by being consistent in producing brilliant ideas.

Likewise, encouraging innovation in your workplace is one of the best ways to uplift the soul of your team.

This will lead to a happier work environment, increased productivity rate, and higher levels of satisfaction and retention that your team needs.

However, there are some factors that prevent them from unleashing their inner creativity. These are extensive workload, piling paperwork, busy schedule, and many more, and driving off these obstacles isn’t easy.

So, maybe you need to ask for help from innovation consulting professionals. They’ll help and guide you to spark the flame of creativity that’d contribute to your long-term success.

However, you’ll need something that would keep this up. So, here are some tricks that’d encourage innovation in your workplace:

1. Let Your Team Think The Hardest Problems

According to the late Steve Jobs, you hire the most competent people to tell you what you need to do, not instructing them on things they should do. People are born to be creative thinkers as long as you allow them to be.

Also, keep in mind that people are goal-driven, so it’d be best to reward the one who can give you the best solution.

In this way, ideas will continuously flow, and they’ll be more competitive at the same time. So, let them think and foster new ideas that’d lead them to their ‘eureka’ moments. Then, you’ll find out how dynamic and creative your team is.

2. Empower Non-Hierarchical Approach

Remember, a strict workplace will never allow your team to reach their full potential. This is because of the authoritarian rules and management that intimidate them into voicing out their opinions, let alone their creativity.

For example, always instructing them on the things they have to do without giving them time to think about new and creative ways can be hampering.

Also, the most innovative companies have excellent communication and collaboration between different departments and areas.

You’ll never know what people can produce if they work between various teams.

So, implement a flat management approach that allows everyone to work with senior management and across different divisions, sharing their ideas and solutions to their problems.

3. Include Innovation As Part Of Everyone’s Job Description

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When encouraging workplace innovation, everyone should understand that innovation isn’t only for executive-level officers.

Instead, even the low-ranking staff should take their own part in creating new ideas to achieve its long-term success. Therefore, it’d be best to put innovation in every staff’s job description.

To do this effectively, you might want to look for incentives that’d motivate your staff to think deeper beyond their subconscious minds. In addition, it’d be best to let your staff speak with customers and clients to solve complex problems. In fact, many established companies are doing this technique that allows them to save time, money, and effort.

4. Determine The Intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs are the ones capable of becoming an entrepreneur by promoting innovation, product development, and marketing.

In short, they’re the little CEO and have the ability to ignite the flame of creativity in your company.

Also, you may think of them as businessmen who happen to be working with you as well.

So, find and motivate the intrapreneurs within your company and start creating a more creative approach to solving challenging problems.

However, finding them might take time and effort, but the results are always a plus.

5. Empower Your Staff To Innovate Every Day

Innovation is something that shouldn’t be done once in a lifetime such as during training and workshops.

If you think that innovation is only done during rare occasions, then you’re missing out on your team’s full potential.

Instead of unlocking the creativity inside them, you’re actually locking it within them.

What you can do is allow enough time for them to think about the things that could be your company’s most powerful weapon someday.

You may incorporate innovation by allotting 10-15% of their time to produce ideas.

However, make them understand that this period isn’t for resting their minds but for using them to create valuable innovative propositions.

If you want to make sure of it, you may ask each of them the products of these sessions.

6. Establish An Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategies are plans that’ll help your company grow its share in the market and fulfill its role through compelling product and service development.

An excellent strategy reiterates that everyone is expected to provide critical thinking when analyzing problems and creating solutions.

When establishing an innovation strategy, as a leader, you should reinforce to your subordinates that innovation is one of the core responsibilities they need to fulfill.

In addition, many successful companies are gearing towards this principle, and they’ve already proven how effective it is.

7. Make Rooms For Failure

Innovation is a risky process that may lead to failures, but you must understand that these are to be expected and are part of your growth.

For your information, there are tons of failed ideas behind the success of every great brand. So, take your time, evaluate everything carefully, and acknowledge all the possible failures that may come along with it.

Also, use these failures as a guide to your mistakes. With this, you’ll be able to construct better ideas and avoid the previous problems that happened before.

Remember, if you’re not making mistakes, then you’re possibly not pushing yourselves hard enough.

Final Words

These are the tricks that’ll allow you to see the world from a different and brighter perspective, and that’s what innovation is all about.

However, the fruit of innovation doesn’t get ripe in a day. It takes time, perseverance, patience, and a lot of effort to become successful.

Also, there are inevitable failures that you might encounter along the process. However, don’t let these mistakes bring you down.

Instead, acknowledge and use them to your advantage to produce better ideas that’ll surely lead your company to success.

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