10 Best Customer Intelligence Tools To Gain Actionable Insights

Today businesses operate in the age of the empowered customer. And there are a quite powerful customer intelligence tools capable to show you valuable insights into your customers’ needs, desires, motivations, and behaviors.

Customer intelligence software and platforms come with different options and capabilities such as feedback collection and analytics, customer experience management, survey building, A/B testing and personalization.

They provide you with answers to the key customer related questions such as Who, When, What, Where, and Why.

Thus, you are able to understand customers much better and to take effective business decisions with measurable results.

On this page, we collected some top customer intelligence platforms that are both easy-to-use and effective in gathering and analyzing customer data.

1. Clarabridge

Customer Intelligence Platform For Analyzing Customer Feedback Data

Clarabridge customer intelligence tool - print screen

Clarabridge is a popular tool for gaining actionable insights from every customer interaction. It helps you to listen to your customers.

Clarabridge CX Suite consists of 2 parts: CX Analytics and CX Social.

CX Analytics allows you to listen to conversations from anywhere, at any time (e.g. phone calls, emails, chat, etc.) and to make accurate predictions that save your time and energy.

CX Social allows you to listen and analyze conversations happening online and in social media.

Moreover, Clarabridge comes with powerful analytics features and ability to engage with customers in real-time.

You can sort and filter customer feedback, understand the context and meaning of each customer comment, uncover issues by detecting changes in the social conversation and etc. The key capabilities of Clarabridge include text mining and analytics, sentiment analysis, emotion detection, analyzing structured and unstructured data.

Website: www.clarabridge.com

2. UserVoice

Product Feedback Management Software

UserVoice - customer feedback collecting software

UserVoice is among the customer-centric tools built from rich data. It helps you to turn customer’s feedback into actionable insights to drive roadmap decisions.

UserVoice isn’t just a collecting feedback software, it allows you to understand the customer needs and assess the potential impact of product features. You also have the ability to segment product feedback.

It is very easy to analyze, compare, and test product ideas with UserVoice’s modern analytics platform.

With UserVoice your market intelligence team can capture feedback from customers, no matter where they are. UserVoice seamlessly grabs feedback through multiple user channels and routes it back to one comprehensive database.

This is one of the customer intelligence tools that give you all you need to collect, analyze, and act on large quantities of feedback easily.

Website: www.uservoice.com

3. Qualtrics 

Customer Experience Management Software With Survey and Form Building

Qualtrics Customer Experience - screen shot

Qualtrics is a powerful enough platform to provide an omnichannel view of the customer experience across any digital interaction today.

Qualtrics Customer Experience is one of the world’s most agile marketing platform that offers several data collection methods such as email surveys and website/mobile/social feedback.

Furthermore, Qualtrics advanced predictive intelligence capabilities help businesses easily understand key insights into customer data and predict customer experience drivers.

Qualtrics analyzes open text, assigns sentiment scores, automatically prioritizes key experience processes, automatically runs dozens of analyses, identifies the strongest statistical relationships, and translates the results into plain English.

When it comes to sophisticated and modern customer intelligence tools with a drag-and-drop simplicity, Qualtrics has a top place here.

Website: www.qualtrics.com

4. AnyRoad

Experience Relationship Management (ERM) Software

AnyRoad - one of the best customer intelligence tools

AnyRoad is a world-class software solution for turning real-life brand experiences into valuable customer data.

In fact, thousands of the most popular and respected companies in the world use AnyRoad to scale their experiential marketing.

The tool shows you the customer data in real time and thus helps you better understand who is involved in your brand’s experiences.

The AnyRoad’s experience dashboard is a real-time easy-to-understand tool that provides both quick insights and advanced marketing reports specific to your customer.

And the tool goes further as allows you to measure the ROI, ROE, and Brand Loyalty for your experience marketing.

The best part is that AnyRoad helps businesses measure and build a lasting impact on brand loyalty and purchase behavior.

In other words, you are able to understand exactly how your experiential marketing efforts affect brand awareness and customer purchasing behavior.

Website: www.anyroad.com


AI-Powered Customer Data Platform

NGDATA’s CDP - AI-Powered Customer Data Platform

NGDATA’s CDP is one more of the world-class outstanding customer intelligence tools and software solutions for enterprises. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If you are an enterprise who want to increase customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value, NGDATA’s CDP can help you.

The tool lets you identify trends and customer behavior changes fastly and to proactively connect with your customer. It enables you to know your customers at the individual level and to build customer relationships at the same level.

Some of the key capabilities and features include DNA metrics, custom metrics, responding in real time to inbound request, initiating real-time requests, gaining a whole new world of insights, predictive alerts, data modeling training, creating rich and accurate customer profiles, and etc.

The platform embraces true data-driven decision-making process and customer centricity, powered by real-time, artificial intelligence.

Website: www.ngdata.com/

6. GetFeedback

Customer Experience Survey Software

Surveys are a very important tool for customer intelligence that helps businesses of all sizes understand their current and potential customers better.

Getfeedback is one of the most popular and best survey tools that can help you connect seamlessly with your customers, employees, business partners, and all the other stakeholders to collect and analyze their feedback on different cases.

It is easy-to-use survey customer experience software designed to improve response rates.

You can create beautiful surveys with a drag-and-drop highly user-friendly functionality. Also, you can easily customize themes, colors, and buttons for a complete branded experience.

Although GetFeedback now serves the world’s leading brands, it is suitable for all business sizes.

With its rich functionalities including real-time reporting and analysis, GetFeedback helps you not only implement survey solutions but also build programs that supercharge customer experience and customer loyalty.

Website: www.getfeedback.com

7. Yotpo

User-Generated Content Marketing Platform

Yotpo customer intelligence software - screen shot

Yotpo is a comprehensive platform that allows you to collect every type of user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience.

The content generation is powered by Artificial Intelligence. You can seamlessly collect reviews and photos or curate current customer content from social media.

Yotpo helps you to increase customer thrust by showcasing product ratings, customer reviews, or photos across your website.

The insight and analytics features are also very good. You are able to get full visibility into your content performance and evaluate how user-generated content impacts your results.

Thanks to them you can see the big picture at a glance or go deeper into the details to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Using sentiment analysis and natural language processing, Yotpo turns customer feedback into powerful consumer data.

Yotpo is more focused on e-commerce stores and retail businesses.

Website: www.yotpo.com

8. InMoment

Customer Experience Intelligence Software

InMoment - Customer Experience Intelligence Software - print screen

In Moment is one of those great customer intelligence tools with most advanced analytics in the CX Industry. Here you will find descriptive statistics, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

InMoment is very modern and innovative cloud-based platform that allows businesses to collect and manage the information from their customer database.

It helps companies make better business decisions by surfacing insights from customer feedback using advanced analytics.

The platform also allows marketers to track brand awareness, campaign performance, and feedback so that you can differentiate your business based on the customer experience.

In Moment has one of the biggest numbers of options to collect customer feedback through omnichannel solutions, including voice, text, and video.

They combine survey data with customer data from other sources including social media, CRM, financial and much more.

Website: www.inmoment.com

9. Satmetrix

Software for NPS-Driven, Customer-First Companies

Satmetrix customer intelligence software tool - a screen shot

When it comes to customer intelligence tools with killer insights, Satmetrix definitely has a place here. It is much more than just a software for executing customer surveys and collecting their feedback.

This platform is designed to help you deeply understand your customers and use customer experience improvements to drive bottom-line results for your company.

Satmetrix reveals the complete view of the customer journey so that you are on the way to improve that journey.

With Satmetrix, you have a solution to collect and integrate customer experience data, to reveal unprecedented insights with automated analytics, to deliver on-point CX insights to all levels and all roles, and to automate and monitor your action management process.

The tool presents all your customer data in beautiful types of graphs and easy-to-understand visualization, allowing you to gain valuable insights, and take the right business decisions.

Website: www.satmetrix.com

10. Qubit

Customer Experience Management With A/B testing and Personalization

Qubit - Customer Experience Management - print screen

Qubit is a digital customer experience delivery software that allows you to understand visitor behavior and personalizes it across all digital channels.

This personalization platform uses machine learning and high impact digital experiences to help customers spend more with you.

Qubit gives marketers and personalization experts the ability to show the right content to the right visitors at the right time.

The platform provides granular, event-based customer data collection tools and flexible, adaptive segmentation.

It also redefines how shoppers discover your products on the mobile web, combining user behavior, machine learning and persuasive techniques to create a personalized experience for each customer.

Qubit uses scalable, automated techniques powered by Artificial Intelligence that put you on the path to personalization in a smart way.

They are working with many Retail, Travel, and eGaming brands to deliver personalization at scale.

Website: www.qubit.com


Customer intelligence tools have gained a lot of popularity across small and large businesses all over the world. Why?

Here’s the deal: They allows you to regularly and comprehensively collecting different types of data from your customers, analyzing it to output valuable insights, and then utilizing those insights to improve your customer experience and increase loyalty.

If you want your business to succeed in our highly competitive market environment full of innovations, you need to continuously monitor and understand customer experience and do your best to improve it.

Customer intelligence software and platforms are all about knowing and understanding your customers so clearly and completely that you can provide experiences that increase customer satisfaction and advocacy.

What is your favorite customer intelligence tools? Share your thoughts on the comment field below.

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