10 Best Data Scrubbing Software Tools

If you are about to remove the incorrect data from your database, there is a long list of different data cleansing tools and software solutions that can help you keep your data quality high.

Also called data scrubbing tools and deduplication software apps, they can do so much work such as automatically removing duplicated data, validating address and email information, handling data transformation, providing fuzzy matching algorithms and etc.

Currently, there is a variety of solutions including automated big data cleansing software, free and open source data scrubbing tools, online and cloud-based solutions, specialized tools for Salesforce and etc.

All of them can save you a huge amount of time and efforts.

Here we will see a list of some of the best data scrubbing software solutions to help you maintain your key data quality metrics and accuracy requirements.

1. DataCleaner

Very effective and easy to use data cleansing tool that allows you to profiles and analyzes your database in no time. You can find with ease missing values, patterns, character sets and other characteristics of your data values within minutes.

Some of the best features are:

  • Duplicate detection – the latest generation feature that identifies if you have the same information registered multiple times in your databases.
  • Data standardization and cleansing feature to handle both small and big data. You can build your own cleansing rules and transform them into different use scenarios and target databases.
  • Data health monitoring to manage your data quality.
  • A data quality eco-system.


2. Cloudingo

Cloudingo is a Salesforce data cleansing app to get rid of duplicates. With this software tool, you can easily clean records, eliminate duplicates, and maintain data quality all in one place.

The tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Data is updated in bulk, and imported files cleansed before accessing Salesforce. Its automation capabilities ensure that data is regularly scanned for duplicates based on specific rules set by you.

Key features of the tool are:

  • Simple, effective and secure deduplication.
  • Merge duplicates and convert records
  • Delete unnecessary, stale records
  • Update records in bulk
  • Validate and standardize addresses
  • Connect systems via API
  • Automate on a schedule and etc.


3. Melissa Data Cleansing

When it comes to best data cleansing tools and software solutions Melissa Global Intelligence (one of the leading providers of data quality tools) has it all.

If you need an outstanding solution for cleansing, standardization, and reformatting any types of data, this tool worth considering. Mellisa Data is extremely powerful data scrubbing tool enables you to achieve highest data quality.

Features and benefits:

  • A Generalized Cleansing component for Pentaho and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Cleanse any type of data to help you achieve a high standard of data quality for warehousing, integration, and analytics.
  • Customize and create rules (triggering) to standardize data.
  • Have greater control of your data.


4. IBM InfoSphere QualityStage

Another of the most popular data cleansing tools and software solutions for full control of your data quality. In fact it is much more than just a data scrubbing tool that allows you to investigate, cleanse and manage your database.

This powerful software allows you to build consistent views of your most important units such as customers, vendors, products, locations and etc.

Key features:

  • Provide high-quality data with data profiling, probabilistic matching, standardization, and data enrichment.
  • Data quality within a unified platform – its data quality functions are a part of a whole information integration software platform.
  • Support for information governance.


5. Siftrock

If you need an email reply intelligence solution for your marketing automation processes, Siftrock is one of the top tools out there. It automates database cleansing and B2B email reply processes as saves your time and efforts.

Among the things you can do with Siftrock are: automatically clean databases, surface the important emails from real people, find new sales leads and etc. The tool is used by B2B marketing ops and demand gen leaders such as Hubspot, Mulesoft, Survey Monkey, Frontier Communications and etc.

Key features and benefits:

  • Data cleaning and enrichment – invalidate out-of-date contacts, update phone numbers from email signatures and etc.
  • Reply management and analytics to enable 2-way email engagement – route real human responses to the right rep, manage all campaign responses in one place.
  • Syncs with your MAP.
  • Data mining from auto-replies that allows you to find 20% more sales contacts.


6. Data Ladder

Data Ladder offers user-friendly and simple but powerful software tools that help businesses from any size and any industry manage their data cleansing processes. They operate with high-class Semantic Technology to recognize and manage complex and unstructured data. In addition, their machine learning capabilities and auto rules creation improve classification.

Data Ladder offer products for small and mid-size companies as well as big enterprises. Among their products are:

  • DataMatch – affordable cleaning tool and data quality tool, matching and deduplication software.
  • DataMatch Enterprise – that includes advanced fuzzy matching algorithms for up to 100 million records; one of the highest matching accuracy and speed in the industry; big data capability with data sets up to 100 Million records.


7. iUgum Data Software (iDS)

For those who are searching not only for data cleansing tools but also data entry apps, iDS has a lot to offer. When it comes to data cleansing, matching and merging information, this software can make your life simpler.

This is one of the most popular data scrubbing software tools used by businesses worldwide in more than 20 countries. iDS is a very easy to use software that helps you to better your data management, to cleanse, fuzzy match and merge a variety of datasets and databases.

Key features and benefits:

  • Identify fuzzy duplicates
  • Remove noise words
  • Standardize lists
  • Link misspelled data from different sources
  • Create match queries in no time
  • Customized to your individual needs
  • Build time series and etc.


8. OpenRefine

This is a very good solution for those who are searching for free and open source data cleansing tools and software programs. It can work easily with messy data.

The software cleans the data and transforming it from one format into another. Also, you can extend it with a variety of web services and external data.

Key features and benefits:

  • Explore data – allows you to explore big data sets with ease.
  • Reconcile and match data – the tool is used to link and extend datasets with various web services. Some services even allow OpenRefine to upload your cleaned data to a central database.
  • Clean and transform data fastly.


9. WinPure

WinPure is among the most popular affordable data scrubbing software tools that help you to clean, remove duplicates, correct and standardize effortlessly a large amount of data.

You can clean data easily from your marketing or mailing lists, spreadsheets, databases, CRM’s and more. In addition, WinPure is a highly rated data cleansing software with awards and provides world-class customer support.

Key features and benefits:

  • Advanced data cleansing capability and fuzzy matching.
  • More accurate and duplicate free Data.
  • No special training needed. Anyone can use it.
  • All cleaning processes are done on your own systems as the software is locally installed Windows tool.
  • Super fast data scrubbing.
  • One of the most affordable and cheap data cleansing tools.
  • Multi-language edition available.


10. ReachForce

ReachForce provides online and cloud-based marketing data cleansing and management software products that allow you to get more marketable leads and better targeting.

ReachForce’s software tools (SmartForms and Continuous Data Manager) are globally used by B2B marketers and sales professionals to continuously clean, update and manage lead quality and automatically enrich incoming leads in real-time.

Key features and benefits:

  • Automated data cleansing – allows you to improve your marketing database by automatically cleansing your data.
  • Manage – allows you to keep your data accurate and complete by standardizing, de-duping, validating, verifying and correcting it on an automated basis.
  • Enrich – the software address your data completeness problems in real-time across inbound lead forms and across all your marketing data.



If you work in the field of data management, you definitely know the importance of data cleansing. It is something that you must do. All of your data management efforts mean nothing if you are working with dirty data.

As more businesses worldwide understand the link between high-quality data and the success of their companies, there is a growing demand for top data cleansing tools and software solutions.

Your choice of data scrubbing software should be compliant with your business needs, database sizes, a field of work and etc.

Nowadays, there is a long list of software providers that offer apps and tools suitable for almost any business’s requirements.

So, make sure that you have done correctly your business needs evaluation before purchasing software tools and solutions.

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