How Using Data Improves Your Communication with Clients?

According to statistics, 50% of startups die within the first five years and a further 50% die within the first ten years.

The few that make it beyond ten years will likely survive through difficult times unless the economic situation turns from bad to worse. 

The reason why many startups fail is because of a lack of a well-defined customer communication strategy.

Customer communication is not just about responding to queries, but about passing the right information about products and services.

Data collected from clients can help improve customer communication strategy in several ways. 

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Providing personalized marketing information 

Customers use different platforms to communicate with their suppliers when making orders, inquiring about a product, complaining or complementing.

The company can analyze the data to check the platforms their customers are using. The company can then directly reach out to the customers using personalized messages. 

During the data analysis process, companies can search the keywords customers are using when searching for their products and then write content rich in the keywords to help the customers find them with ease.

The company will also know which platforms are being used most by its customers and focus more resources on those platforms. 

You should keep in mind the six characteristics of a discourse community as discussed in essays on discourse community about how communicating with clients, knowing your target audience – their values, needs and wishes makes a close connection to them and lets a business build its own discourse community.

Creating customer engaging content 

Marketing is competitive and Google search plays an important part in marketing.

Businesses put spirited efforts to rank high on Google and the best key is quality content. It is not enough to be ranked high if your content will not add value to your clients. 

Value-added content must have the right keywords, be relevant to the reader and help the customer make the important decision of buying from you.

It can be very difficult if you are making guesses on what kind of content will be valuable to your clients. 

Most new business owners make startup mistakes by forgetting the important parts. It can be easy starting your new business, but you must have a proper plan on how you will help the business run for the next 5 years.

You must set your goals for the business, have a strategic plan in place, embrace technology and be ready to sell. 

Using data analysis, you can tell exactly what your clients are looking for in terms of products, cost, expected solutions and more.

With that information, you can write targeted content that will help you rank high on Google and provide solutions to the answers your clients are looking for. 

Data can help you strategize 

You could be selling the same products your competitors are selling, but their marketing strategy might not always favor you.

When the business is new, you will depend on the strategies your competitors are using which can be trial and error. 

As the business grows and gains more data, you can be able to analyze different avenues and decide which one will best work for you.

You may decide to change your marketing content and come up with one that is more engaging.

The marketing team can decide to use a different social media platform or advise the production team to change the product packing, color or ingredients. 

Businesses must keep adapting to new marketing approaches as consumer behavior keeps changing depending on need, season, and economic situation. 

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Understand the best time to connect with customers 

People access the internet for different reasons and at different times of the day. Research has shown most people use their social media accounts in the evening.

That means during the day, they could be engaged in employment, college, home chores or other commitments. When they are free in the evening, they log in to their accounts and begin connecting with friends. 

Marketers connect during working hours and managers mostly connect in the morning before their official working hours begin.

Using data to analyze the time of the day when clients are connecting most will help businesses know the best time to send marketing messages. 

This is significant because, in most cases, people read the latest messages and fail to scroll down to other older messages.

If a marketing message is sent promptly, the recipient will likely read it and act. B2B marketers will also know the best time of the day to send their marketing messages to their fellow businesses.

The rate of conversion is higher when the marketing message is sent at the right time to the right recipients. 


Due to the high competition in the marketing world, businesses must learn to rely more on technology than instincts.

All of the data available on the company’s system is important and must be used to help create better communication strategies with clients.

The customer is the life of every business and without them, not a single business can service. Therefore, business owners must invest more in customer satisfaction to attract more business and, in turn, profits. 

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