Data Dashboard Examples: With Best Visualization & Analytics

Some best data dashboard examples can open your eyes on how to choose the right data software for your analytics and visualization needs.

Today data dashboard software is critical for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling the activities within a business company.

Thereby, they should provide simplicity, ease of use, and self-service capabilities to let even non-tech users build visualizations on their own.

Moreover, the data dashboard tools should allow easy integration, communication, customization and must work from anywhere and anytime.

On this page:

  • 7 data visualization dashboard examples with stunning graphs that boost educated business decisions.

1. Dundas BI Dashboards

Dundas BI data dashboard example

This is a stunning data dashboard example in the insurance industry. It presents advanced insights so you can aggregate and isolate important information.

Dundas BI is one of the best BI reporting tools that give you a complete control over your data. Dundas BI dashboards are famous with their in-depth data visualization and an easy-to-use interface.

With a wide range of smart visualizations and layout choices, you can create pixel-perfect dashboards to perform faster and productive data-driven decision-making.

Dundas BI has highly-customizable visualizations such as interactive charts, maps, scorecards and much more. In addition, you have granular access over the design elements.

On their website, Dundas BI provide data dashboards examples in many industries (such as marketing, healthcare, telecom, etc.), so you can learn how the professional dashboard designs should look.


2. Datapine Dashboards

Datapine data dashboard example in digital marketing

This is one of the best data dashboard examples in the digital marketing area. As you see, the colors are soft and modest in a stylish design.

The dashboard clearly present key metrics such as unique site visitors, returning visitors, subscribers, and etc. Datapine perfectly brings together all your data in one interactive dashboard.

Datapine’s is a data analytics and visualization software that makes information discovery very simple. Their dashboards are so simple that you don’t need any data scientist skills to understand business information.

You are able to quickly create modern online dashboards with different types of graphs and compelling charts that you can easily share with anyone you want.


3. InetSoft Dashboard

InetSofts dashboard screen shot

This InetSoft Dashboard example in HR Attrition Management provides a detailed view of the key metrics and indicators critical for the HR management and control.

InetSoft Data Intelligence is a powerful data intelligence software that has an outstanding data mashup engine.

It enables you to create stylish dashboards, pixel-perfect reports, and detailed data visualizations from multiple data sources.

The best part is so-called automatically wired dashboards. It means all the visual components and inputs are automatically wired together. For example, brushing on one data point in a chart will highlight its correlated data points in all visual components.

Also, InetSoft’s zero-training customization lets users modify their own dashboards and add different charts and types of data.


4. Tableau Dashboards

Tableau dashboard screen shot

This Tableau dashboard example combines a range of actionable data types, professional design with gentle-to-the-eyes colors, and deep analytical view.

Tableau is one of the leading BI software solutions that aids businesses in visualizing and understanding data.

It has it all – visually appealing dashboards that are easy to create, collaboration capabilities, visualizations that can be seamlessly imported and shared. And all of this without the need for programming skills.

The interactive dashboards aid you in discovering hidden insights on the fly. Furthermore, you are able to spot visual trends quickly and reveal everyday opportunities and risks with confidence.

The more advanced users can perform trend analyses, regressions (such as linear regression models), and correlations for real statistical understanding.


5. Klipfolio Dashboards

Klipfolio business data dashboard example

This is a Klipfolio business dashboard example that allows you to monitor the health of your business in real-time on the cloud. It summarizes important information and presents an overall view of business performance to help in making better decisions.

Klipfolio is a cloud analytics platform for business intelligence dashboards and reports. Their solutions are great examples of how the BI dashboard best practices should be implemented.

Klipfolio visualizations and simple dashboards allow you to control your business by monitoring of all your most important data, metrics, and KPIs in one place.

Trusted by over 50000 data-driven users, Klipfolio provides clear, meaningful, and simple data dashboard examples and templates in any industry – from marketing and sales to healthcare and tourism.


6. Geckoboard Dashboards

Geckoboard e-commerce data dashboard example

Do you like black data dashboard examples? If so, Geckoboard dashboards will impress you with simplicity and clearness.

This dashboard presents key e-commerce metrics such as revenue and conversations rate, so you can set the right goals to grow your business.

Geckoboard is a popular real-time business dashboard solution that let you seamlessly broadcast live business metrics, KPIs and goals to your team in an easy-to-understand way.

With Geckoboard, you can create a TV dashboard in a few minutes with the help of a drag-and-drop interface that makes setup so simple anyone can do it.

How do Geckoboard dashboards differ? No distractions, no unnecessary complexity, and no room for misinterpretation.

Your most important metrics are clear and easy-to-understand and report.


7. Looker Dashboard

Looker dashboard screen shot

This is a Looker Dashboard example in a website and social media analysis that allows you to understand specific aspects of your social media performance and results.

Looker software provides business intelligence, big data analytics and a 360° view of your customers. The dashboards have powerful interactive visualizations that make deeper analysis simple.

In no time, you can create beautiful KPI dashboards and easy-to-read reports. Then invite all your users to self-serve, anytime – from any device.

When it comes to best data dashboard examples, Looker shines with simplicity and beauty.



The above data dashboard examples aim to illustrate how professional dashboard designs should look. They can be a basis for creating your own dashboards, for choosing analytics software or for realizing your data science project ideas.

The crucial goal of business dashboards is to provide clear and simple information through data visualizations.

Data mining companies and business organizations use dashboards and reports as a data management tool to track KPIs, metrics, and to take vital decisions.

The good dashboard design should be clear, simple, meaningful, and should answer key business questions.

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