10 Best Data Entry Software Apps

Nowadays, there is a huge list of different types of data entry apps and tools that truly can get done a valuable work for your business.

From simple online data entry software to comprehensive automatic customer programs for data entry work, you have it all for an accurate and fast speed data typing processes in your company.

Not to mention that the mobile data entry applications for Android, iOS or Windows are great examples of how small business (and even large organizations) can benefit from the new data input technologies and solutions.

Let’s, see a list of some of the best automated data entry software and apps:

1. Viking Software Solutions

When it comes to professional data entry solutions, Viking Software is one of the top providers in the industry. Their products allow you to capture and manage data from a variety of paper and electronic sources.

Their range of products and services includes: data entry software that enables you to capture and input data faster and accurately; a simple but featured document management program for storing all types of electronic files; SCSI-based scanning program for producing key-ready images.

All of their products are very easy to use. The company provides superb customer service and technical support.

Website: http://www.vikingsoft.com/

2. goCanvas

For those businesses that want simple but powerful cloud-based and mobile data entry apps, goCanvas is a great choice. Their apps provide a mobile, secure and efficient method for entering quality data.

In addition, their apps are specially designed for different business fields such as retail, construction, and healthcare. Your team can easily convert the inefficient paper Logs and other forms to mobile versions with Canvas.

You can also build your own mobile forms, fill them out on mobile devices, and send beautiful PDFs instantly to customers and colleagues.

Website: https://www.gocanvas.com

3. WinTask

WinTask is a popular ultimate automatic data entry software app used from both small business and large organizations.

This automation tool allows you to: copy data from one application to another; automate data input into any application or web form; process mass data entry from an Excel file to a web form; and automate data entry at high speeds.

Instead of a manually typing the data in the form, the WinTask macro reads the first line of data in the external file, fills the form, clicks Submit, and loops in order to read all the lines.

Website: http://www.wintask.net

4. Leadjet

Leadjet is a chrome extension that connects LinkedIn and the CRM. The tool synchronizes LinkedIn information and messages between the two platforms, eliminating the mundane task of manual data entry.

Leadjet is also a contact enrichment tool and will retrieve your prospect’s most up-to-date contact information in a matter of seconds.
Leadjet connects to Hubspot, Salesforce, Salesloft, Copper, and Pipedrive, allowing you to simultaneously work on LinkedIn while updating your CRM.

Best features: get notified about duplications and outdated contacts, embed CRM fields in LinkedIn and edit from there, create and view deals in LinkedIn, export messages and contact lists from LinkedIn to the CRM, and personalize messages using custom templates.

Eliminate data input errors and streamline your workflow with Leadjet’s free, 14-day trial. Leadjet is available on the Google Chrome Web Store.

Website: www.leadjet.io

5. Gcisol Data Entry

Gcisol Data Entry provides a variety of data entry apps which helps small business and middle to big size companies to manage their data in a proper format.

The company team makes full analysis to produce a flexible data entry software which can fastly process data and reduce human typing errors.

Best features and benefits: design technique to increase speed; error reduction technique; generate client server environment without any failure; remove duplicate entries.

Website: http://www.gcisol.com/

6. ABBYY FlexiCapture

If you’re searching for highly scalable and universal enterprise capture software platform, ABBYY FlexiCapture can be your answer.

This software tool enables companies from all industries to automatically extract, classify, validate and direct business data from incoming customer communications and operational processes (such as customer requests, queries and transactions).

ABBYY FlexiCapture feature multi-channel content input (processes documents from scan stations, e-mails, mobile applications or Hot Folders); advanced classification technology that automates the processing; extraction auto learning; Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring; document sets; HTML5-based web scanning and other.

In fact, ABBYY FlexiCapture is a smart data capture solution that adds intelligence to business processes and brings data input to the next level.

Website: https://www.abbyy.com

7. Evercontact

Evercontact is for those who want automatic turning of their emails into an always-updated address book. And in addition, Evercontact basic individual service is very simple and free!

This data entry software app automatically creates and updates contact information (company, title, phone, etc.) from email signatures into address books and/or CRMs.

It is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, GSuite, and Office 365, Salesforce and Highrise CRMs. One of the best its features is that you can recover missing contacts from up to 5 years ago to complete your address book.

Additionally, it has Chrome plug-in that even can capture contact details from any web page you visit.

When it comes to best data entry apps, Evercontact definitely has a place here.

Website: https://www.evercontact.com/

8. Foxtrot RPA Software

This simple automated data entry software app allows you to seamlessly input data into cloud-based CRMs, spreadsheets, or ERP systems. This tool is used to automate data entry processes by businesses in 14 different industries.

It works with most Windows and web-based applications and enters data with overall accuracy without errors.

Foxtrot works much quicker than any human. Large data entry processes can be automated and completed in minutes. No coding or programming required.

Foxtrot works in the user interface of nearly any application. Data is entered and buttons are clicked just as if a human was doing it. The applications see Foxtrot as just another human user.

Website: http://www.enablesoft.com/

9. iUgum Data Software (iDS)

If you are searching for a provider who offers more than data entry but also data mapping tools, as well as matching or data cleaning, iUgum Data Software is one of the most popular choices.

iDS is a data management and analysis software application specially designed for helping researchers fastly and accurately cleanse, match and merge databases of all possible types.

In addition, you can quickly identify and cleanse noise words, identify similar words, eliminate duplicate entries and produce useful reports.

Website: https://iugumsoftware.com/

10. MagicBot 

MagicBot is an automated receipt data entry tool. It allows small businesses to optimize their accounting by automatically pulling information from bills and receipts and converting it into digital data.

No more annoying and time-wasting tasks of manual data entry in bookkeeping.

This app represents a cutting-edge technology which is exclusive to SlickPie and is one of the key elements of their online accounting software.

Besides eliminating manual data entry, MagicBot is an ultimate app that removes the pain of filing paper receipts and bills as the digital copies are packed in the cloud.

Website: https://www.slickpie.com


Manual data entry processes can be time-consuming as occupying hours of time. Data entry is absolutely needed process across many businesses and industries – from healthcare to finance to accounting agencies.

In order to maintain accurate records, businesses must update their databases regularly with information from different types of forms and documents.

Automated data entry apps can help you improve the workflow and effectivity of your office work. Since the tools are automated they reduce the risk of human error and lower overall costs as well.

Nowadays, there are fast, affordable, and easy to use software tools that allow seamless data input and capturing. In order to find the best data entry apps for your business, remember to look for programs that are relevant to your company’s data management and organizational needs.

Still, if you prefer to hire data entry clerks, check our post – 10 key data entry skills for valuable information in selecting the best resumes and employees.

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