21 Data Science Project Ideas

Data science students, beginners, and professionals always looking for interesting and great data science project ideas in order to create an outstanding portfolio that impresses potential employers.

Practically, the good ideas for data science projects and use cases are infinite.

Data mining and analytics can solve so many problems: in finance, banking, medicine, social media, science, credit card, insurance, retail, marketing, telecom, e-commerce, healthcare, and etc.

Every best project idea starts with brainstorming many other raw ideas.

On this page:

  • 21 good and cool data science project ideas for students and beginners as well as for professionals who train their skills.
  • Infographic in PDF

Data Science Project Ideas: List

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1. Forecast a big hypermarket’s sales on 2 major holidays – Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

The hypermarket has various departments, so you should predict which departments are impacted by the holiday events and what is the scope of the impact.

The 2 holidays are times when the hypermarket store makes the highest sales.

By predicting sales for these events, the store wants to ensure that there is enough product quantity to meet the upcoming demand. You can use the historical datasets of the store.

2. Study the factors contributing to air pollution in a given city. 

Perform an analytical study of the air quality data for a given city, famous with its bad quality index.

Identify the key factors that contribute to the rise in air pollution across the key locations in the city.

The air pollution is one of the most serious problems in the world. So, this is one of the hottest data science projects and case studies.

3. Study the likelihood of a worsening or improving diabetes in children under 12 years.

You need to perform a predictive analysis of the data for children under 12 years diagnosed with diabetes.

The purpose is to determine possible patient outcomes.

You also can do a diagnostic analytics (that includes major contributing factor examination) to determine why a diabetes outcome happened.

4. Optimize the product price of an online gluten-free grocery store. 

Let’s say the store sell 100 products online.

The purpose is to use analytics to identify the right pricing which maximizes the revenue earned.

This is a hard level data science project as it includes business approach, analytical methodology, and logic.

5. Estimate the minimum age of the universe by looking at data about stars.

For the purpose look at data about the stars. This data is collected into groups called globular clusters.

Then you can come up with your own opinion for the minimum age of our universe.

This is one of the very cool data science project ideas for beginners and students.

6. Identify the common skills and qualifications of the top-performing employees in a company.

This is one of the interesting data science project ideas in the HR area that aim to help businesses find their best talents.

Create algorithms or a system that examine personality skills from the ten best performers of a company.

Then use these skills for new hiring criteria for the next hiring program.

This way the employee’s performance will be improved and the company’s profitability will be increased.

7. Why do some humans react to the same drugs differently than others? 

The people responses mainly are a result of genetic mutations.

You will need to examine a database to identify how a genetic mutation contributes to a response to certain drugs.

This is a typical medical and healthcare data science project problem.

8. Do an image mining project. 

Let’s say a company produces paper designs and they have several hundreds of designs which vary in color, patterns, and etc.

You need to create a predictive model to find out the probability of success of the new designs.

You need to use their historical datasets to discover which designs have been more successful in the past, what colors are hot sellers, and etc.

9. Do data mining for increasing and predicting sales in tourism.

There is a ton of information and insights that are hidden in the tourism big data.

You can use data clustering and the other techniques to understand where and when tourists like to go, what they like at each location, how tourists are traveling between spots.

To extract tourists’ related data just look at the APIs for social media like Facebook, Instagram or tourism portals such as TripAdvisor.

10. Understanding information that goes through peer to peer messaging platforms.

Examples of peer to peer messaging platforms are WhatsApp and Viber.

The goal is to answer questions as: “How information spreads on the platforms?”, ” What information is shared and why?”, “What content go viral and why?”, etc.

11. Do crime analysis to identify patterns and trends in crime. 

Predict regions which have a high probability of crime occurrence.

Extract a previously known information from structured or unstructured data to build a data mining model that can help solve crimes in a faster manner.

12. Analyze the effectiveness of several flu vaccines. 

A vaccine provides people with protection against a severe illness, so it is one of the good data science project ideas and use cases.

13. Assess the capacity of egg substitutes to provide the same characteristics of eggs in baking and cooking. 

Many people have an allergic to eggs and that’s why there are many egg substitutes.

In this data science project idea, you can study substitutes or even recipes so that many egg-allergic persons can enjoy them.

This is not only a healthcare problem but also a marketing and sales situation.

14. Credit card fraud detection.

One of the typical data science project ideas in finance and banking.

You need to use anomaly detection algorithms to model past credit card transactions taking into account the ones that were fraud.

Use this model to determine whether a new credit card transaction is fraudulent or not.

15. Predict the success of a new upcoming movie. 

You need to develop a model for predicting the success class of the movie such as fall, hit or super hit.

Use historical data of each element (such as actor, director, music) that reflects the success or failure of movies.

16. Predict the students’ final grades. 

You can do the prediction based on academic information such as the marks the students had achieved during their previous courses and years.

You might use one of the best machine learning algorithms for classification problems – C4.5 decision tree algorithm to predict the grades.

17. Do a segmentation of a customer data set from an e-commerce website.

In today’s business landscape, it is critical to do market segmentation in order to categorize customers based on different criteria such as demography, location, and buying behavior.

This is one of the good data science projects for students and for beginners.

You can use k-means clustering – one of the key unsupervised machine learning algorithms (see our post supervised vs unsupervised learning).

18. Identify suspicious discussions on online forums.

The boom of the internet led to many illegal activities online (such as threatening messages).

Your task here is to used algorithms to discover criminal activities across some forums.

You can download postings from given discussion forums and use the data mining methods to identify illegal topics.

19. Analyze a TV show popularity.

The final goal is to increase the show’s ratings.

Create a model or a system that can recognize people’s sentimental comments related to the TV shows.

Extract the comments along with the people details such as location, gender, age, etc.

20. Do a stock analysis to explain why some stocks went through a significant drop in price. 

Predicting and analysis stock prices is a key application of data analysis methods and machine learning.

Many data scientists view the stock market prediction case mainly as an artificial intelligence problem.

21. When and in which social media do people post? 

There is an endless information produced by millions of people posting, taking pictures, and online chatting?

Many companies want to transform this information to profit.

Extract data from some of the social media sites and identify interesting insights about social media use.

Download the following infographic in PDF

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To create and develop your data scientist skills you need to go through a vast number of data mining and analytics projects.

Hopefully, the above data science project ideas give you some inspiration for interesting and cool topics.

No matter if you are going to work in data mining companies, or in business organizations, building a professional portfolio of projects is essential to winning a good job.

Today’s organizations have enormous amounts of data from all types of their processes and operations.

Be it tourism, healthcare, finance or marketing, big data analysis has a significant impact on various industries and their results.

And at the end do not forget that there are many steps to a successful data science project.

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