10 Email Data Mining Software And Analytics Tools

In order to explore a large number of emails and open their market potential, many businesses rely on email data mining software and other email analytics tools.

The new buzzwords like email intelligence, email sentiment analysis, Outlook/Gmail data mining are powerful concepts and solutions to uncovering valuable business insights.

Data mining is used for: email marketing, customer experience management, email spam detection, finding and classifying email addresses, messages, and content.

On this page:

  • What is email data mining?
  • List of the best email data mining software and analytics tools.

What Is Email Data Mining?

It is the process of studying and analyzing a vast number of emails assisted by software that can spot and discover topics, patterns, keywords and many other useful things in the email data.

It helps you to draw meanings, trends, patterns from emails and thus to make well-informed business decisions.

But for what you can use email mining software? Let’s see

email data mining applications and benefits - infographic

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Key email data mining applications and benefits:

  • To analyze a huge amount of email content send by customers such as product reviews, opinions, feedback and etc. This allows businesses to serve their customers better and to improve customer satisfaction.
  • To build an email list for marketing purposes. Marketers can use the list for reaching current and potential customers by email.
  • To perform email intelligence and sentiment analysis that help you improve sales email strategies.
  • Data mining for email spam detection. This is one of the most important applications. The successful spam detecting not only can decline financial losses but also can improve email users’ satisfaction.
  • To sum up the main points from a huge amount of email data and to collect information that helps managers in data-driven decision-making.
  • To categorize and attach labels to email data that has relation to each other. Good email categorization leads to increased personal and organizational performance and saves people efforts.
  • To classify email data into topics based on specific keywords.
  • To deliver any meaningful and high-quality information from an enormous amount of email data.

Email data mining involves using specific data science techniques and tools such as data analysis methodsmachine learning algorithms for classification, statistics, computational linguistics, text mining algorithms, and etc.

Top Email Data Mining Software And Analytics Tools

Here we’ve collected some of the best software tools that allow you to uncover the hidden value in your email database.

1. Pingar DiscoveryOne

  • Identifies opportunities and risks underlying in the emails and other types of text such as documents, corporate and web data.
  • Powerful email analytics software that reads a huge amount of text in hours determining what content is important and what is not.
  • Shows you the trends, themes, and issues exposed in the emails and the other business content.
  • Based on machine learning and can be easily adapted to any industry.
  • DiscoveryOne can read emails, posts, and social media content to draw sentiment and the strength around it. It helps businesses to improve their overall marketing intelligence.
  • Website: http://pingar.com

2. Medallia Text Analytics Platform

  • Transforms text from billions of emails, surveys, social media reactions, reviews, and more into actionable insights to help you understand how customers feel.
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to automatically detect new issues and trends.
  • Easy-to-use analytics and report features for everyone – from employees to high-level managers.
  • A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that captures feedback everywhere your customers are and thus helps you to improve customer experience and your marketing efforts.
  • Website: www.medallia.com

3. Lexalytics

  • One of the best and leading text data mining companies.
  • Offers business intelligence solution focused on extracting insights from unstructured data like emails, posts, social media, etc.
  • Proven and world-leading natural language processing technology in a range of text analytics installations.
  • Allows you to quickly process, categorize, and index millions of emails and many other text documents. Thereby you can realize their full potential and increase your customer experience management.
  • Key industries: hospitality, retail, e-commerce, financial services, market research, marketing and advertising, public relations, pharmaceutical and medical industry, airlines, food services.
  • Website: www.lexalytics.com

4. TowerData

  • Email Intelligence platform that allows you to target and reach customers with personalized messages
  • Email validation that allows you to scrub your emails to improve email reputation and obtain higher opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • Grows your email list and accelerates your marketing program by attaching email addresses to your postal records.
  • Their clients come from a wide range of industries such as business services, retail, publishing, non-profit, and many others.
  • Website: www.towerdata.com

5. MeaningCloud

  • An affordable solution to understand the meaning of large email data and all other kinds of unstructured content such as social media post, articles, business documents…
  • Analyzes email feedback and lets you manage the customer experience in all their contact points with your business.
  • Feature-level sentiment analysis and social media language processing.
  • Multiple languages such as Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian.
  • Website: www.meaningcloud.com/

6. DiscoverText 

  • One of the most popular text and email data mining software solutions that makes it easy to collect email information and then perform analyses using intelligent decision-making techniques.
  • The software merges data from a broad range of sources as text files, emails, surveys, and online sources including the free Twitter Search API.
  • Captures, filters, de-duplicates, clusters, searches, and machine-classifies large numbers of small text such as emails.
  • A framework for developers and users who want to create their own text analytic approach.
  • Website: https://discovertext.com

7. Stratifyd 

  • Shows you real-time insights into customer emails, surveys, social media data, and contact center.
  • Is built around the customer feedback loop to help businesses increase the benefits of marketing analytics, customer retention, acquisition, and management.
  • Allows you to analyze customer interactions to help target ideal customers with the right email or other types of messages.
  • Stratifyd has Fortune 500 customers
  • Website: www.stratifyd.com

8. Shiftmail

  • Powerful cloud email data mining software and analytics tool design to measure and analyze email engagement.
  • Records when a user opens your email and also for how long they read it.
  • Email break down of OS family, client type, and device type.
  • Country break down of the location of your readers.
  • Allows you to measure the clicks on content links and clicks on unsubscribe links.
  • Powerful reporting and visualization capabilities.
  • Website: https://shiftmail.io

9. Keatext

  • A powerful text and email analytics tool that processes thousands of text pieces in a matter of minutes.
  • Utilizes natural language processing and machine learning technology.
  • Keatext provides topic detection and sentiment analysis to let you understand what customers are saying about your products and services.
  • Ability to import and export data, great data visualization and report collaboration.
  • So easy-to-use software that can be utilized by anyone from the marketing, product and support teams regardless of their level of expertise.
  • Website: www.keatext.ai

10. Kreato

  • Email intelligence software tool that helps you to increase your email conversation and improve sales email strategies.
  • You can track customer interest in the sales conversations through live tracking their email engagements.
  • Natural Language processing techniques to trace specific linguistic patterns to categorize the email conversations.
  • Email sentiment analysis – Kreato’s artificial intelligence helps to trace the sentiment of every email received.
  • Predictive email engagement – with the help of the history of the past email engagements of customer, the software predicts the best probable time to respond customer via email. This allows you to improve the chances of immediate customer attention.
  • Website: www.kreatocrm.com

Need more email data mining software tools?

Here is a list of other honorable mentions:

  • VisualText
  • Text2Data
  • LeadGnome
  • Indico IPA
  • Clarabridge Text analytics

  • Base Email Intelligence
  • SAS Text Miner
  • OdinText
  • Amenity Analytics
  • Etuma Customer Experience Analytics

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