We welcome guest posts for Intellspot.com and this page provides our guidelines and requirements.

We are looking for relevant and valuable information to be written for our audience of people interested in business intelligence, statistics, data science, data-driven marketing, and management.

If you have knowledge and skills and would like to share your expertise with our readers, we’d love to hear from you.

The quality of the content is the most vital part of intellspot.com. We aim to provide interesting and helpful posts that show and teach our audience something important related to the topics of the site.

Please follow these guidelines before sending your guest post request.

Content Guidelines:

1. The content should be about one of the following topics:

  • data science
  • business intelligence
  • marketing intelligence, research, and analysis
  • statistics
  • business management.

2. The content must be 100% original. That means it must be written exclusively for intellspot.com and not previously published anywhere else (including your own website).

3. You may, however, publish a brief original summary on your site that links to the Intellspot.com post.

4. You can include up to 2 links to your company’s website in the content of the post. Links should have the domain name as the anchor text.

5. Minimum words: 1000 words (the more the better). Detailed and educational posts are welcomed.

6. The post should be with a meta title of maximum 60 characters.
Meta description: maximum 150 characters.

7. We welcome graphics, images, lists, quotations, data tables, and infographics (include image and graphics credits when necessary).

8. The post should be detailed, educational and helpful for the readers.

What We Won’t Accept?

  • Promotional content for your organization.
  • Inaccurate articles.
  • Link-building scheme.
  • Offensive content.
  • Affiliate links that promote affiliate products and/or services.
  • Articles with poor grammar and language.

Please note:

  • The author of the blog post is responsible for images, quotations and third-party references in the article.
  • You have to respond to all comments to your published post. The notifications of the comments will be sent to your email address.
  • You are not allowed to republish the post to your own blog or website.
  • We reserve the right to include in your post our advertising blocks, including but not limited to Google Adsense.
  • We reserve the right to include in your post links to other posts in intellspot.com.

Examples of high-quality posts we prefer:

How to Submit Your Post?

Send a list of 1 – 4 topics to email intellspot [at] gmail [dot] com. You will have an answer in 2 working days. We will let you know of our interest in publishing a post on one of the topics.


Send us a ready post to intellspot [at] gmail [dot] com with the following:

  • The post content as an HTML file or Word Doc.
  • Image files (with alt text) in a separate folder. For reference, intellspot.com is 700 px wide.
  • Short author bio. Max length – 50 words. You are allowed to include your social media profile link, your website or e-mail in the author bio. You also can include your photo.

We will let you know if your blog post will be accepted and published in up to 4 working days.

Thanks for your interest in guest blogging on intellspot.com.

If you can provide a unique content that educates and gives value to our audience, we’d love to publish your post.

We look forward to receiving your topic ideas or submissions.