7 Benefits Of Managed Data Services

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Many small business owners realize that IT plays a vital role in the smooth operations of a business.

However, some may not understand that simply hiring IT people may not necessarily be the best solution to IT and data management.

Even some big global companies with significant financial capacities opt to outsource their data management services to focus on growing their businesses.

Suppose your organization is facing challenges like multiple hacking attacks, exorbitant IT costs, excessive downtimes, problems with supporting remote workers, and difficulties in monitoring software and hardware systems.

In that case, it’s probably a good time to consider outsourcing all or part of your IT and data service needs. Below are the top benefits of having managed data services.

  • Cost Savings

Bringing down operational costs is one of the main objectives of any business. Some SMEs are slow to consider getting managed service providers (MSP) because they believe MSP contracts are too expensive.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Maintaining IT networks and infrastructure in-house, in the long run, could result in more expensive overhead costs.

You will not only be spending on tools and equipment, but you’ll also be spending on maintaining the infrastructure.

For example, if you’re a small retailer in Canada, wouldn’t it be better to spend most of your capital on boosting sales and improving your product rather than on keeping IT issues at bay?

Having managed IT services in Toronto or other cities, for that matter, would be more cost effective, especially since you’ll only pay for IT data and infrastructure when you use them.

  • Data Security

There are stringent rules that companies, big or small, must adhere to when sharing and storing customers’ sensitive data. Organizations that cannot meet these requirements may have to pay huge fines and may even face a shutdown.

If you want to address cybersecurity fast, you may want to consider working with organizations with long experience in managed data service, including data security.

These service providers have the infrastructure and capability to give your company data utmost protection.

However, as an organization, you could also impose workplace measures, such as conducting cybersecurity training, implementing multiple-factor authentication, and limiting employees’ access to information, among others, to help tighten business data security.

  • Data Recovery And Disaster Management

Regardless of your industry, you should consider data as the lifeblood of your enterprise. Aside from helping you identify your target market, customer data could also guide you in decision-making for your future expansion plans and assist in tracking your sales campaigns.

Thus, a company must make regular data backups part of their business plan to prevent data loss due to hacking or natural calamities. Suppose you do not know what to do and how to back up your data regularly.

In that case, an MSP company can help protect your data and provide you with the know-how and infrastructure to implement data recovery and disaster management plans.

  • Round-The-Clock Support

Managed IT services

In a highly connected world, customers from all around the globe may need to conduct business or reach out to you at any time. For manufacturers, digital tools that ensure machine and equipment efficiencies are essential to meet contracts and client demands.

Thus, your data and network infrastructure must work seamlessly 24/7. If there are technical glitches, you need to find a way to resolve them soon, or you could potentially lose customers or fail to meet your deadlines.

One benefit an MSP can offer is managing your data and digital tools, ensuring they are updated and available to users all the time. If there are inevitable technical glitches, you can be assured that you’ll have the support you need ASAP because MSPs typically offer 24/7 technical support.

  • Greater Scalability

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has highlighted, it’s that the companies that can quickly respond and adapt to changes win.

Thus, many enterprises that decided to invest and deploy their data infrastructure and systems on their own ended up lagging and spending millions to adapt to the needs of a post-pandemic business environment.

A managed data service provider can offer greater scalability. MSPs have data business intelligence expertise and resources, so they will assist you in scaling your organization up or down, depending on the demands of the times.

So, managed data services are perfect for retailers that may want to boost their capacity during the holidays to accommodate increased customer demand and those that may want to scale back during the off-season.

  • Centralized Network

Data accessibility is another primary business need that the pandemic has put a spotlight on. Companies that relied on on-premise data storage found it challenging to enable remote work faster and smoother.

One benefit you can enjoy from managed data service is access to your data or network whenever and wherever you or your employees are.

Apart from backup and data storage, managed data service providers can enable users to access their data anytime through centralized data centers within cloud networks. 

  • Optimized IT Infrastructure

Even if your company has in-house IT staff, it doesn’t mean you should solely rely on them for all your data, networking, digital marketing, and cybersecurity needs.

When your organization’s IT staff are stretched too thin, your business or operational efficiency may suffer. It can affect your bottom-line numbers. 

By outsourcing some of your networking and other IT functions to managed data service companies, your IT team can concentrate on their vital functions, which is to develop IT solutions, plans, and innovations geared toward the core objectives of your business.

With an MSP taking care of data storage, backup, and other essential IT requirements, your in-house IT will have more elbow room to help your company expand, grow, and bring in more profits.

Bottom Line 

Many organizations have realized that creating an agile enterprise focused on delivering core business products and services is essential in their continued success and growth.

A way for your company to achieve a focused business drive is to outsource some of your functions to experts. IT infrastructure and data networking are two business areas you can successfully outsource.

MSPs can help manage and monitor IT systems, ensure cybersecurity, offer cloud storage and backup services, provide 24/7 network support, and even provide consulting services to assist your company’s IT needs.

With a managed data service, you’re more likely to save on costs and experience better efficiencies for your business.

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