5 Ways to Automate Your Marketing for The Best Results

5 Ways to Automate Your Marketing for The Best Results - featured image

Automated tools, in simpler words, are the tools that ease human efforts, processes and involvement.

There are so many areas where we are bound by automation, like in cooking we use a mixer to grind spices; we use washing machines to clean clothes, count cash through a cash counting machine and many more.

And in marketing automation, we use softwares to automate marketing activities and processes.

Marketing automation is a popular topic in the digital world in this era.

Larger companies need marketing automated tools for handling complex customer concerns and mapping out lead stages.

For smaller companies, automated tools act as the ability to squeeze every drop of significant worth from their investment. 

Why should you automate?

Market automation is the powerful ingredient to diversify business growth. You should automate your marketing activities –

  • For improving the speed of customer interactions.
  • For nurturing leads
  • For improved market ROI
  • For decreasing cost per lead and leading to overall reduction of cost of the business.
  • For going with the trend i.e human + technology = best combination to go with the flow. 

5 Ways to automate your marketing for the best results 

1. Email marketing automation tool

It is the powerful ingredient to diversify business growth where you can send automated and customized follow up emails to your prospects not to lose touch with them.

Likewise, you can automate SMS campaigns to retain existing customers by sending timely informative messages about attractive offers, discounts, significant changes in products and retaining them for a long time.

Here is the email marketing automation tool which you should look for – 

  • Where you have a well-defined segmentation method by location, age, and other factors.
  • The contact forms permit you to enter email physically or provide accessible forms for prospects to complete on a landing page. 
  • The automated tool ensures that personalized emails are sent to the customer based on their time zone. 
  • You can access sent emails, contacts and emails on one go. Consider these tools for automating email marketing – NotifyVisitors, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp.

2. AI Chatbot

Understanding customer trends and needs is a challenging task for the business, but NotifyVisitors Chatbot tracks client patterns and opinions to meet your client’s necessities.

Also, offers quick and precise resolution using feeling and sentiment recognition to develop client experience further.

With the help of an AI chatbot, you cannot keep your clients sitting tight for a solution or queries to solve. With AI-Chatbot, resolve queries in any language across text and voice.

It can self-serve significant common queries and take the help of life agents when needed, routing queries from bot to live agents seamlessly. Moreover, research shows that if you revert to online leads within five minutes, you’re 9x bound to change over them. 

AI chat gives you a speedy method for doing this without removing time from your or your representatives’ day – you can use live talk or AI visits to automate this interaction for your private company.

3. Advanced Personalization and Segmentation

Personalized content is one of the prime drivers of marketing success.

It is rightly said that the more interested you will be in your client, the more faithful they will be towards your brand. So take the time to pay attention to your customers and clients and use this data to start planning personalized customer journey maps.

Delivering personalized content for every user segment is difficult without market automation. Personalization helps all clients especially, mainly email marketing.

Different Segments can be created based on visitors behaviour such as cookies, browser-based, URL based, query, returning users to create a division of your visitors, showing personalized content to your customer through variation wise targeting.

You can run your personalization campaign on all your devices like desktop, mobile and analyze behaviour with visitors recordings. 

4. Social Media marketing tools

Social media’s job in aiding organizations is enormous. It works with communications with clients, empowering to connect people all around the globe.

Its capacity to gather data helps businesses around focusing on marketing research and efforts. Social media gives marketers a voice and a method for speaking with companions, clients, and expected customers.

I Regularly engage on social media and generate lots of leads. But being active on social media is a challenging task. It consumes time and people.

And the good news is that you can schedule social media posts timely by hiring automated tools like Canva, Buffer, Calendly, PromoRepublic and many more.

Search for an online media tool that provides templates and copy that you can use for motivation and tweak to suit your requirements. 

So you can automate your social media posts by automating social scheduling and automated reporting to monitor your social media comments, engagement and any negative remarks. 

5. Automate your paid advertising strategy

The foremost step is searching for an advertising digital tool that would suit your business as a solid lead generation and conversion strategy. It may be Google ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin marketing or both, for instance, specifically to your channel.

Automating advertising is the best option if you hate selling or dont have the time for content marketing.

Secondly, look at the analytics and the conversion tracking reports and make sure that you understand them to get the maximum benefit and make the right decisions.

And in case you are not an ad expert, you can search for an AI assistant optimization feature to improve your ads.

Time to automate your marketing

So marketing automation helps you to distinguish possible clients, automating the most common way of sustaining those leads to sales-readiness.

It automates activities that carry possibilities to where they can be drawn closer by the prospects fully intent on bringing a deal to a close and building a continuous relationship.

The data it accumulates can drive your decision of marketing strategies. You can give yourself more opportunities for significant things by setting up a framework and work processes using the right marketing automation tool.

These tools do most of the time-consuming work for you. You’ll have the option to invest less energy on administrative work while improving outcomes than previously because that large number of little choices and activities are being made automatically.

Automate marketing through technology 

With consumers being surrounded with marketing messages from each direction, making an effort to stand apart has become more troublesome than any other time.

Marketing teams are under continuous stress to think of more creative thoughts that are greater and better than anything their rivals are doing.

However, doing this on top of everyday marketing activities isn’t difficult. 

Marketing campaigns need more opportunity to focus on the primary plan and in that lies one of the significant difficulties being looked at by numerous organizations across the globe.

Be that as it may, technology, through marketing automation software, could be the appropriate response.

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