What are the Benefits of User Provisioning in Terms of Time and Cost Saving?

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One of the perks of automation is that it can save time. It improves operational efficiency and time management for your organization. User provisioning is an essential part of an organization. Hence, automating the process can yield immense benefits. These benefits are often related to cost efficiency and reduced operational duration.

Companies deploy user provisioning to end tedious manual processes. Typically, manual processes are time-consuming and often complicated. For example, some of these manual processes include:

  • Resource allocation,
  • Permission grants,
  • Providing access control, and
  • Deleting or revoking permissions and access.

Not having an automated user provisioning system for these operations can be problematic. It can be a nightmare for companies, especially those having a large employee base.

Provisioning users is essential in any company for security reasons, too. But that doesn’t mean it should take considerable time out of your daily schedule. Managers addressing provision requests understand why provisioning automation is critical for their company.

What is Automated User Provisioning?

By automating user provisions, companies can reduce the burden on IT admins and managers. Managing identity and access management for employees becomes simpler, quicker, and more secure. 

Suppose you have many hierarchy levels in your organization with several employees. Managing these workers without an automated system will mandate a huge IT team and a queue of provision requests every time an employee’s role changes. This easily becomes time-consuming and effort-intensive.

Every employee in your organization needs access to:

  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Company Resources

Hence, setting manual permissions for each can be a nightmare for IT admins. Sometimes, a permission request must go through different channels and departments. Along the way, it may need many approvals from within the hierarchy.

Often, it takes too long to get approvals. This leads to frustration and hinders the smoothness of operations within the organization. Moreover, technical problems with assigning permissions can have monetary consequences too.

That’s why an automated provisioning tool becomes a handy option for organizations. It offers:

  • Enhanced security,
  • Improved workflows,
  • Process streamlining, and
  • Smooth onboarding.

Apart from these, the two most sought-after benefits are:

  • Reduced request handling time, and
  • Reduced operational costs for the company.

This post will explore the above benefits in detail.

How Automated User Provisioning Saves Time?

An automated process bypasses unwanted delays. Particularly, software-based automation can save you time. And, it can help you improve your company’s productivity in the long run.

Here is how automated user provisioning software saves your precious working hours.

1. Process Streamlining and Enhanced Onboarding

Process streamlining refers to automatic role assignments and permission grants to company employees. For instance, a newly hired person will have specific permissions and access grants.

You only need to provide essential details to provide access. These details include:

  • Username
  • Email ID
  • Directory details 

The provisioning software will manage permission requests for specific users on its own.

Likewise, their respective access controls will also change with changing roles. For instance, when employees leave or receive a promotion. Then, you will only need to assign new roles; the provisioning tool configures access accordingly.

With provisioning software, you don’t have to re-enter the same information into different systems anymore. Such time-consuming steps are eliminated to save several work hours for admins and managers.

2. Handling Ad Hoc Requests Efficiently

Sometimes, users may need special permissions and access grants for apps and websites. They may work on new projects that call for broader software and additional web service accesses.

In such cases, automated user provision systems offer self-servicing. 

  • It helps avoid unnecessary delays in access provision. 
  • It can connect the concerned department directly with the user.

Unified communication benefits the entire organization. The concerned person can allow services directly without needing extra approvals from elsewhere. Also, since ad hoc requests are temporary, user provisioning can make it easier and seamless to manage entitlement for the users.

3. Bulk User Provisioning

Manual bulk provisioning can be grueling for IT administrators, especially for larger organizations. Understandably, it makes onboarding tedious as IT officers must assign different roles and access grants manually to each user.

Provisioning software eliminates this problem with automated bulk provisioning. Hundreds of users’ roles can be modified with a few clicks and a file upload. IT teams can provide access to the masses in one go. It saves considerable time but more importantly, it reduces the chances of errors to a great extent. 

4. Zero-Touch Active Directory and Third Party Integrations

Zero-touch provisioning is a process that automatically sets up your devices and configures them with a switching feature. The provisioning tool integrates with Active Directory (AD) and other third-party integrations to configure your devices seamlessly. 

ZTP is a critical feature for larger workplaces where IT teams face device requests every day. Not only does it save time, but it also cuts down the cost of labor required for adding new devices. 

How does User Provisioning help with Cost Savings?

Automation can reduce unwanted operations and improve time-based efficiency. So, it affects the corresponding budgetary aspect of the business.

Here is how automated user provisioning can save costs for your organization.

1. Save Unnecessary Expenses on Manual Processes

Manual processes often need more resources, directly affecting organizations’ operational costs. Manual processes involve paperwork to support the required documentation in an organization. And even if you avoid paperwork, you can’t cut back on the use of extra resources.

For example, managing employee data manually can be tasking. With automated user provision software, you can keep all your data in one place. More importantly, you won’t need external tools and software. 

It reduces the logistical cost spent on manual operations. With minimized use of resources, you can enhance your cost efficiency.  

2. Save Company from Data Loss and Security Breach

Access management tools help in providing and restricting access to different users. Therefore, identity-based access control is one of the major perks of user provisioning tools. It prevents data breaches and protects critical company information from going into the wrong hands. 

Protecting company and client data from cyber attacks is crucial to any organization, irrespective of its size. Security breaches can become very costly to repair and tarnish any company’s reputation. 

Data loss also damages the trust that your customers have on your business. Risk cost calculations can show you how much a data breach can cost your company.

Assessing and mitigating this risk is important to shield your business from cyber-attacks. Access management is the first step towards risk mitigation as it monitors and restricts unauthorized entries to an organization’s network.

3. Better Productivity

One of the immediate benefits of automated provisioning tools is enhanced employee productivity. 

Consider the IT department; it gets stuck with manual requests and providing access controls. As a result, you cannot use them for other jobs that could boost your business. You will be forced to hire more people, hence the extra cost. 

But with an automated provision tool, you can relieve your IT staff from the monotonous work.  They can participate in more productive operations for the organization. This dramatically improves productivity and boosts the company’s finances.

The improved operational efficiency can lead the way to financial stability and continuous growth for the company.


Automated user provisioning is vital for successful organizations in the modern age. User provisioning can potentially boost your company’s productivity. 

The sole reasons for deploying such a system in your company are time effectiveness and cost reduction. Provisioning tools reduce the time consumed by account management. They save  money through: 

  • Enhanced system security
  • HR management 
  • Compliance monitoring, etc.

With automated user provisioning, you can automate complex processes. You can bring more clarity to your business operations. 

More importantly, you have a clearer picture of what you’re doing. As a result, you can scale your business and take it to the next level.

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