5 Marketing Mistakes When Starting Your Freelance Business

Tired of working 10-hour workdays? Want to start your own freelance business?

Good for you! Rather than being a cog in a corporate machine, it is better to start your own freelance business and become your own boss.

However, when you are new to the world of freelancing, it is very likely that you stumble a few times and make quite a few mistakes.

This is where we come in. In this article, we will apprise you of the 5 marketing mistakes that most people make when they start their freelancing business.

By going through these mistakes, you will learn what not to do and your business will progress without any hiccups!

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Using Cheap Marketing Services

When you start your freelance business, the first thing that you need is a logo for your company.

However, starting a new business is expensive and many of us turn to cheap freelance sites to get our work done.

Freelance sites offer you creative projects such as logo making etc. for as cheap as 5$.

However, you get what you pay for. When you get a digital marketing logo made for 5$, you will not get high-quality work of course.

You can turn to freelance sites for your marketing jobs, but don’t use marketing services just because they are cheap.

If you are looking for top-notch work, you should hire a professional and should be willing to pay top-dollar for it

The marketing logo of your business gets designed only once. Therefore, it is prudent to pay more money and get a professional logo made. Not only will your experience be hassle-free, but your logo will also attract several customers and potential investors for your company!

Using Online Marketing Platforms too Early in the Game

For small businesses with a small marketing budget, social media marketing and advertising is an appealing option.

Usually, what new freelance business owners do is set up their social media marketing accounts and then wait for the customers to pour in.

However, this is the wrong way to go about it. You can run PPC ads and use Google AdWords in the beginning as well but it will not yield a lot of results initially.

Moreover, if you don’t know how to run online marketing campaigns, you could start losing money instead of making it.

Therefore, what you need to do is to start from the grassroots and create your social media profiles.

Once your business starts to grow due to the social media marketing campaigns, branch out and look into online advertising.

Moreover, instead of stumbling around and making a lot of mistakes, hire a professional with knowledge in the field. Set specific, time-oriented goals and then go about marketing your services and products.

Create brand awareness before spending hundreds of dollars on marketing campaigns that will not yield any results because people don’t know anything about your company and business.

Creating Several Social Media Accounts

We know that social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are free marketing tools. We think that having company accounts on all of these channels will maximize the exposure and increase revenue.

However, what we fail to take into account is the fact that posting to several media accounts takes time.

When you are running a freelance business, there are several things that you need to take care of apart from posting to social media sites.

You will not have enough time to manage all the social accounts that you have set up.

Moreover, it will not have one account highly appealing and another media account with a couple of half-hearted posts.

Therefore, what we suggest is that you pick only two (three at most) social media platforms to create an account for your business.

Instagram and Pinterest are gaining a lot of traction these days and you should begin from here.

You can use social media management apps as well to schedule your posts and save up on your time!

Buying a lot of Promotional Gear

Now that your freelance business is up and running, you will need promotional items, right? From polo shirts to pens, promo items are pretty appealing for customers and investors.

Moreover, they are a source of pride for the business owner as well.

Who doesn’t want to have a couple of items with their company’s name and logo on them, right?

We know that promotional items are a great marketing tool, but you shouldn’t go overboard with them.

Many of you will make the mistake of ordering a lot of promotional gear that will end up not being used.

Be practical and pragmatic. You definitely need promo items but you need to keep their quantity small and have a budget in mind.

Instead of getting hats and shirts right in the beginning, you should begin with business cards, brochures, pens, etc.

Business cards will never go to waste and they add a personal, tangible touch that your customers will definitely like.

Moreover, items such as brochures and flyers will tell the customers what your company stands for and what services you provide. For cheap giveaway items, pens are a nice way to go.

They will fulfil the marketing needs while remaining inexpensive as well.

Forgetting To Network

When we jump into the business world, we are relatively new and don’t know anyone.

When we think about networking, most of us are hesitant since we don’t feel comfortable going out and meeting strangers and telling them about our company and business. 

Moreover, we think that we don’t need help from networking groups and you can make it out on your own.

However, this is where you go wrong. It is not only about the fact that running a business from your home gets boring.

It is also about the fact that having colleagues and friends in the business world will benefit your business in the long run.

You will meet business owners who face similar issues and problems and might offer you solutions to them as well.

When you will network, it is very likely that people will recommend your services to other people since they know you personally and trust your services.

Over the passage of time, you will gain loyal friends as well as plenty of new clients that will have a positive impact on your business.

Moreover, it is a good thing to bounce ideas of other people, learn new strategies from them, discuss various business plans, etc. You can visit your local chamber of commerce and interact with people there.

Apart from that, you can join networking groups on different online channels in the beginning and then arrange coffee meetups in the future and connect further. You will grow as an entrepreneur and will gain new opportunities for your business as well.

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Marketing the Right Way – Final Word

When you are running a new business, it is very likely that you will make quite a few mistakes.

It is not about making no mistakes – rather it is about learning from them and getting better in the future.

Take a look at the 5 marketing mistakes and their solutions that we have mentioned above. They will definitely help you in running a successful business.

Happy Marketing, Folks!

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