12 Ways To Maximize Salesforce For Your Business

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One key factor for the success of your business is knowing how to manage your customers. You must put all your efforts into your marketing to make known your business to your potential customers.

Leads from your social media, website, influencers, and email marketing might have converted into customers. 

Yet it has become a challenge for you to retain customers. What you may be needing now is a powerful customer relationship management tool (CRM), such as Salesforce.

Salesforce helps you store every detail of your customer contacts and company sales, and do analysis with its friendly and customizable interface.  

However, Salesforce is quite an intensive CRM application such that, if you don’t have Salesforce certifications, you may not be able to achieve much with it. You need the right CRM for the growth of your business.  

In case you’re still contemplating whether or not you should introduce Salesforce into your business, here are some ways in which you can use the tool for your workflows: 

  • Leverage Automation 

Salesforce is a professional tool that allows you to automate certain processes. With automation, you’re able to prepopulate data points and ensure the cleanness of data by the use of validation rules. 

Moreover, you can bring in data from outside sources making required data readily available. Information that can be prepopulated is customer contact data, demographic data, or customer purchase history, which saves time for data entry, and allows you to focus on accomplishing a sale and service delivery. Automation also enables your team to analyze data.  

  • Able To Eliminate Data Silos 

Data silos have been a barrier that prevents many businesses from sharing business knowledge. Data silos can also deter your sales representatives from access to important customer data. It would be impossible to maximize Salesforce with data silos in your business. With Salesforce, you can collaborate with different departments for cohesive business operations between units.  

  • Efficient Data Collection 

Salesforce offers a great platform from which you can integrate email systems into Salesforce’s inbox. This makes it easy for you to enter data directly from your inbox instead of having to move from one system to another.  

  • Market Segmentation 

Excellent customer experience is the pride of every customer and the goal of all sales teams. Your customer wants to feel as though they’re the only person whom you’re dealing with through elaborate personalization techniques during your interaction with them, from marketing to purchasing.  

You can employ Salesforce filtering and querying functionalities to cluster your customers into small groups according to their psychographics, demographics, and purchasing patterns. Additionally, you can automate segmentation, which means you can tailor your sales strategies according to the people you’re addressing, and their characteristics.  

  • An Opportunity To Learn  

If you’re a sales administrator, you’re mandated with the training of end-users, correcting and reviewing of data records, troubleshooting workflows, importing leads, deactivating users, modifying roles, importing contacts, and running system backups, among other tasks.  

However, it might be difficult to do such administrative tasks in case you’re not familiar with Salesforce. If that’s you, then, the introduction of the Salesforce tool to your organization might be a signal for you to start preparing for the Salesforce admin certification. Besides the admin course, you might consider being an avid reader of Salesforce blog content from their top-notch leaders. Or even sign up for Trailhead, a Salesforce forum, so you can make yourself equal to the administration task.  

  • Informed Sales Decisions 

Salesforce enables you to gather data, and perform analytics concerning the products that customers are purchasing from you. You can also project which customers are more likely to become leads. Using data analytics, you can visualize the sales of your company for easy identification of cross-selling, or upselling opportunities for your services or products.  

  • Maximize On The Reporting Tools 

The sales team of your organization might be requiring you to furnish them with critical information that can help them improve on performance. That shouldn’t be a headache to you anymore as with the reporting tools of Salesforce, you can compile reports and generate dashboards that give professional data analytics and actionable insights.  

  • Continuous Improvement 

Salesforce is configured in such a way that all updates are automated so you’ll never have to experience an interruption of business processes, and no downtime. All new capabilities of Salesforce will be automatically updated the moment they’re released. This means you’ll stay on top of Salesforce’s cutting-edge technology through their improvements.  

  • Source-Driven Development 

If you’re a developer, Salesforce offers you great Developer Experience (DX) on its Lightning platform, where you can manage and develop applications. Using a tool such as Git, you can engage in version control. 

In collaboration with other developers, you can use source-driven development for your application development. All changes made to the code are recorded, while keeping a record of the original code. Therefore, if a developer makes a fatal mistake, it’s easy to revert to the original code.  

  • Ability To Create Multiple Sandboxes 

This is another good feature for developers. Salesforce offers you the ability to create dedicated and separate developing environments, for testing and training. Each designated sandbox can have limiters of who should have access. In this setup, you can keep an eye on the whole cycle of development. It usually results in better sandbox management.  

  • Automated Testing 

Salesforce has a manual testing procedure. However, just like other manual testing processes, it can be long and drawn-out. But you know it’s very important. In response to this issue, Salesforce introduced an automated process that helps you save money and time. Additionally, it also helps you reduce human errors common in manual testing.  

  • Leverage Cloud Services 

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Depending on your business needs, Salesforce has several cloud-based services that you can take advantage of: 

  • Marketing Cloud: This service enables your marketing and sales teams to reach potential customers by use of personalized and researched messages and campaigns.  
  • Service Cloud: This is an important tool that boosts your customer support and service. With the service cloud, you can do focused post-sales and ongoing support to your customers. 
  • Commerce Cloud: This tool helps you to link to the marketing and sales departments. Moreover, you can integrate personalized e-shopping solutions using artificial intelligence.  
  • Assurance Cloud: This is a platform Salesforce professionals use to give guidance. They offer professional instructions on how you can use Salesforce to get the best out of the tool, through advice and recommendations.  


Wrapping Up 

There is much more that Salesforce has to offer for virtually all your business needs. If you would like to know more about Salesforce, you can visit their website. In case you are yet to incorporate Salesforce in your business processes, it’s probably time to consider getting the technology soon.

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